Sammy Catania's new court date for assaulting and menacing Guy Black

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The new court date is scheduled for November 8, 2010 at 2:00 p.m., Justice Center, 1200 Ontario Street, 15th Floor, Judge Angela Stokes.

Sammy Catania, employee of Tremont West Development Corporation, is charged with assault and menacing.

 SAMMY CATANIA IN ACTION        link to video here

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Catania's court date delayed

because the 'special prosecutor' assigned to the case is on vacation.  The regular prosecutor that is actually assigned to Stokes' courtroom apparently is not good enough to handle this case, so someone 'special' has been assigned. 

The special prosecutor is the one that made the media circus and entourage comments.

ask for a change of venue! smiles...

perhaps there should be a change of venue! 



Sammy Catania's prosecutor threatens to prosecute Guy Black

According to Guy Black, the prosecutor that is assigned Sammy Catania's criminal case for charges of assault and menacing warned Guy Black that she would hate to prosecute Guy for attempting to assist a defendant in the same courtroom.   Guy was attempting to help the indigent defendant by suggesting the defendant ask the judge for community service in lieu of paying a fine.

Psychos with CSU law degrees

Lead poisoned psychos with CSU law degrees...

The judges and politicians get their degrees from Case.

Gotta love Cleveland justice.

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Let the judge know 10,000s of citizens are following this crime

Let the judge know 10,000s of citizens are following this crime on realNEO.

The PD and Scene have attempted to cover-up and diminish the importance of this case of the high profile and powerful hater Sammy Catania attacking disabled veteran public servant Guy Templeton Black, and that was a mistake.  There has probably been more traffic to realNEO from visitors reading about Sammy Catania's hate crimes against Guy Templeton Black than anything else this Summer, including our lame-as political bullshit in Ohio.

As Sammy's judge is part of that lame-as political bullshit in Ohio, she should know we are watching her and this case closely around the world.

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I am also letting the city prosecutor's office know

I am also letting the city prosecutor's office know they are being watched. 

The main problem is with the City of Cleveland's Prosecutor- not the Judge at this point.  It does NOT  take nearly TWO MONTHS to file charges against a person, especially with a video tape as evidence.  This case should be a no brainer for any prosecutor, unless the prosecutor's brain is tainted.

I like to keep reminding the incompetents that the FBI is still investigating corruption in Cuyahoga County- including judicial tampering. 

 I like visiting and calling the FBI dudes.  Some of them are really cute, and I kinda like the serious, tough, but professional attitude of the FBI dudes.  Sometimes I call or visit them just for the hell of it.  I wonder if the FBI thinks that I am stalking or harassing the FBI dudes?

It excites me to pull in the well secured parking lot at the FBI office, wait at the gate to be buzzed and escorted into the building, have my purse searched, etc.  I am looking for a valid reason to go back to the building or at least call someone.

They probably won't have me locked up in CPI if I can bring them a serious case like this one.

I checked the stats yesterday and Guy/Sammy are hot

I checked the stats yesterday and Guy/Sammy are hot - there are a good dozen postings about this hate crime on realNEO, and they each get wild traffic...!

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special agent lily associate agent for the f.b.i. little known

special agent lily  associate agent for the f.b.i. little known title that doesn't require one to be a lawyer or accountant that the f.b.i. associate agent has a badge and gun one only need  to be needed and or any college degree lily the f.b.i agents think your cute and they get 99% of their info intell from you and other citizens you make their job a lot easier

j.edgar hover would be proud of you as an f.b.i. agent and your manicins

yogi and guy

i wrote yogis and my name in as write-in for all elected offices

i wrote yogis and my name in as write-in canidate on the ballot for all elected offices

yogi and guy