The Cleveland Symposium -- a showcase of art history graduate student scholarship

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04/15/2006 - 09:30
04/15/2006 - 17:00

"Art About Art" - Now in its 32nd year, the Cleveland Symposium is organized by the graduate students in the Case Western Reserve University/Cleveland Museum of Art Joint Program in Art History & Museum Studies.

Graduate students from around the country will present papers addressing a variety of topics including self-portraits, artist academies and training, artist's quoting earlier art, paintings-within-paintings, etc.

Location: Thwing Ballroom
Free of charge
Open to the public


Case Western Reserve University, Thwing Ballroom
Euclid Ave. (across from University Hospital)
Cleveland, OH
United States

Cleveland Symposium Agenda

From the Case website:

Breakfast and Opening Remarks 8:30-9:00

Session One:
1. The Postmodern World View from Jorge Pardo's Avant-Garde Restaurant—Jodi Kovach, Washington University
2. Open Book, Closed Drawer: Censorship, Taste, and the Politics of Visual Circulation in Walker Evans Cuban Portfolio—Jordan Bear, Columbia University
3. The Starvation of Mary: Chekhonin'a Famine and Its Reinterpretation of the Bogomatep— Rachel Gratiy, Pennsylvania State University

Short Break 10:30-10:45

Session Two:
4. "Funnier to be noticed than not to be": Charles Demuth's Local Landscape as Queer Self-Portrait—Jonathan Walz, University of Maryland
5. Charles Bird King's Itinerant Artist: Fictitious Self-Portrait as Genre—Rowena Dasch, University of Texas at Austin
6. Les caricaturistes peints par eux-memes—Karen Leader, New York University
7 John Flaxman Modeling the Bust of William Hayley by George Romney: A Visual Paragone—Todd Magreta, City University of New York

Lunch 12:45-2:00

Session Three:
8. Grey-eyed Athena: Reflections of the Erechtheion in the Portico of Lorenzo de Medici's Villa at Poggio a Caiano—Jeremy Johnson, Florida State University
9. Imitatio and the Quotation of Renaissance Masters in Late Italian Baroque Painting—Chris Naffziger, University of Maryland
10. Academies' Anatomy: The Gender Dilemma of Eighteenth-Century Academic Practices as Reflected in Zeuxis Imagery--Reagan Duplisea, Case Western Reserve University

Break 3:30-3:45

Awards 3:45-4:00

Keynote Presentation
11. Michelangelo Redivivus: Bernini's Faun Reconsidered—Lindsey Schneider,New York University