Write ON! Deadline extended 1/1/2010

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Enter the LIT's Literary Competition--

There is a fee to enter, but you might win the cash prize of $500.00.  Seems that the odds are better than the lottery to me!

2010 MUSE Literary Competition
Contest Rules: Unpublished manuscripts only. Entries are judged anonymously. Do NOT put name on manuscript pages. Attach Entry Form (download below) to your submission.

Length: Fiction and Creative Nonfiction not to exceed 3,000 words. Poetry is limited to 3 poems per entry – maximum 2 typewritten pages per poem.

Entry Fees: $25/per category; each additional entry within a category, add $10 (limit of 3 entries per category).

MUSE Annual Literary Competition
c/o The LIT
2570 Superior Avenue, Suite 203
Cleveland, OH 44114

Questions? Call us at 216.694.0000 or email to info [at] the-lit [dot] org.

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Poetry matters

I was inspired yesterday to hear the poetry of Donald Hall and Billy Collins on NPR yesterday.  Both have been deemed poet laureates along with Kay Ryan. 

It made me wonder, if certain places are more fertile ground for poets?  Cleveland, please reimagine that! 

Start the day with a poem and teach your children to recite poems.  My Irish grandfather, who grew up as a fisherman with little formal schooling, amazed and enthralled me with his ability to recite the entire Rime of the Ancient Mariner. 

We need more locally-grown food and we need more locally-grown poetry.