Educating residents of NEO to take health care Jobs

Submitted by More Better on Fri, 11/04/2005 - 10:28.

Post thoughts and comments regarding education and preparation of NEO residents to take health care jobs

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Health Care Jobs

I think a big part of this is really highlighting and raising awareness around all of the great health care occupations for which there will be a tremendous demand in upcoming years.  I know for example current demand for healthcare jobs is outpacing supply and will continue to do so in many healthcare fields, especially nursing.  So it would be a great opportunity to connect human resources to training opportunties for potential career changes for many that could result in better paying jobs or new opportunities for the unemployed in demand-filled fields. 

Traditionally more vocation-oriented schools like Cuyahoga Community College or Kent State branch universities have been good at training healthcare personnel through learning-by-doing programs.  Any thoughts on how to create more interest among people to take these jobs?

One potential obstacle I see are fears and concerns regarding communicable diseases (HIV in particular). So easing concerns regarding handling of blood - whether phlebotomy or nursing, etc with sharp facts would be prudent and help ease fears.