New to NEO And looking to get Involved

Submitted by ElenaLDN on Fri, 06/29/2007 - 10:59.

Hello People

I have just moved to Cleveland from LOndon, UK. I am a product and furniture design graduate looking to get involved in the arts/design community out here. I am looking for a place to start. I bring my own individual and witty design sensibility and Im looking to meet likeminded people... I just realised this sounds like a lonely hearts advert. oh well here goes- LOnely London Designer seeks fellow designers for idea bouncing and projects


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I lived in London in 1984.  Attended King's College.  Lived in Camberwell Green.  I know you will like Cleveland.  Same crazy warren of hidden great spots.  And strange humor.  When I got off the plane in London, I took the tube straight to the college.  I was addled and jetlagged.  My contact at King's, Dr. P.J. Whitcomb, told me to head for the refectory to relax a little before I met with him.  Trouble was finding the refectory meant traveling through a subterranean network of corridors and buildings.  I swear it was an intelligence test! Afterall, the man studied animal behavior.  Funny guy.  Well, this mouse got lost in the maze.  Please know we would NEVER do that to you!  And I can hook you up with a furniture designer.  Contact Alenka at Convivium33. She can hook you up with PJ Moran.  Hope this works for you!

camberwell green

Yeah, i get the feeling i will like Cleveland too. slowly i can feel it getting under my skin! its like living in the enchanted forest. I have spent most of my life living just a stones throw from camberwell green, beloved home of artists, crackheads and crazy people. you have to love it. Thanks for the welcome and the leads ......

artists, crackheads and crazy people

Well--that pretty much sums the places I seem to end up.  Welcome to Cleveland!

Just looked at your photo.  You look like P.J. Harvey!  Any relation???  Cute little man!

 NOTE: I misspelled my advisor's name in a previous post--WHITFIELD...not Whitcomb,  Dr. Dr. Barry Cox was my tutor, if my memory serves me right, I also had Dr. Michael Stoddard.  It's a great place. 

(Also, you can contact Alenka with a private email through this forum

Welcome to NEO... Design Help Wanted

I'm sure you know that the Cleveland Insititute of Art produces lots of great designers, so you should connect with their head of the Design Department Can Cuffaro - good guy working on a major "Deisgn District" concept with Ned Hill at Cleveland State University. There are lots of cool designers in town but I'm not sure where they "hang" - contact Joe Stanley for his thoughts - see - j [dot] e [dot] stanley2 [at] gmail [dot] com. While you still may, it could be interesting for you to connect with Victor Schreckengost, who is one of the fathers of modern product design, now 100... if you can't get through to him let me know. Most important, get involved in the community... art openings and galleries... Tremont Art Walks... movements...

Can you share more about what interests you, why Cleveland, where you are settling in, and what type of design work you'd like to do... we need all the help here we can get!

Hooked up?

  Elena--did you get hooked up with some of the initiatives going on in the design district?  PJ Doran  (sorry--wrong letter in my first reply post) is one furniture designer and contractor looking into starting a company for the adaptive reuse of  building materials. 

Let us know your story :)


Just returned through the blizzard from Alenka's beautiful city oasis Convivium33.  I don't really want everyone to know about APOC, but the real coinnesseurs will know soon enough.  APOC stands for "A piece of Cleveland."

Stanard School

Brick by brick


Take the city apart and put it back together again :)

A new industry is born

I'm so glad to see building recycling happening here. When I renovated historic property in New Orleans I always bought recycled windows, doors, shutters and such from local businesses that were clearinghouses for anything that came from the old buildings there and had any value. It did mean that scrappers had a good market for not only copper but any trim on a house, so the degree of stripping there far exceeded here. But it was a big industry core to preserving the sound housing stock in the community - all historic. We need the same industry here, to preserve what historic housing stock remains. Sad to see our oldest standing school demolished but glad to see the bricks and such recycled.

Disrupt IT

Why wasn''t Stanard School preserved?

Now that I look at the links for this I remember seeing the prior posting about Stanard School, and the pictures, and reflecting "Look at all that cracked lead paint" and "Why wasn't this complex preserved?" Anyone know why it wasn't preserved as a landmark?

Disrupt IT

Please ask that question again

About the Cleveland School of the Arts, which is now getting the "opportunity corridor" wash--in preparation for its demise.  Ask again, about John Marshall, Lincoln West, and the countless other schools on demolition death row.

WS Relief School

Cleveland Metropolitan School District needs to get its priorities in order.  Giving away huge construction contracts is not the answer.  We need a West Side Relief school--build it adjacent to the Zone Recreation Center on Lorain Ave.  Get it done.  And, then repair our existing schools!!!  Stop tearing them down.  Where's the money folks?  Even the kids can do simple math.  Can our "administrators?"

(Meanwhile--Former Cleveland Metropolitan School East Denison, now Horizon Denison Science Academy, is enrolling K-8.   Not bad for a school with recreation facilities and access and a building that is closer to one hundred years old).