Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sun, 03/23/2008 - 15:11.

I know a few expert egg dyers - they have all the paraphernalia for dying hollow eggs.      


There’s a needle like punch which has a cup around the needle to keep the shell from cracking as the needle pushes through the shell.  There's a hypodermic-like hollow needle with a little hand powered pump to blow out the innards after the yolk has been “pithed” with a stirring needle.  

Combining white vinegar with food coloring and adding boiling water helps set the dye to the calcareous shell.   That's what's in the glass jars in the photo.


In Southern California the Egg hunt would be outside – the grass is already green.  But in NEO and New England the Easter Egg hunt would have to be inside the house -  snow would hide those eggs too well. 

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Nice Easter Header

I love this header... couldn't think of a better Easter image! Great headers in general, Jeff...

Disrupt IT


Thanks Norm!

It is challenging/fun to be on the look-out for Realneo headers.  (FYI: readers can go directly to the header images gallery by clicking on “header images” on the light-green text menu just below the header image)  Finding headers which have a high density of "message" and spunk in a long thin band (the image pixel ratio is 1000wide by about 150 high) requires a different mental outlook than hunting for the standard photo image ratio of 4:3.


Then there is the "timeliness" factor - today would be a better day for an Easter Egg dye header than, say,  the Forth of July.   So you have to keep your eye out for images that relate to the calendar, the seasons, the weather, or the news.   Sometimes I have a relevant shot in my hard drive archives and I can go and pull it out.  

The dye image was trimmed out of a 16:9, 7 megapixel shot.  I am finding that using the 16:9 ratio - which is a menu option on my Panasonic DMC FZ50 - and then trimming out the 8:1 header image from the 16:9 is the quickest way to produce the header.


And then you can go nuts in Photoshop – pulling and pushing the perspective, skewing, etc. 

Realneo missed putting up an Ides of March banner -  I wasn't able to come up with an image which reflected either the calendar "ides" or Caesar’s death or Shakespeare’s famously weaving them both together .   Any ideas out there for next year’s March ides header?

BTW   If any Realneo user has an image which has a linear concentration of "message" which you think would work well as a header, put the image into the header image gallery in any height to width, and when I get a minute I will pull it from the header image gallery, trim it to size, and put it up on the home page.   To post an image to the realneo header gallery follow Jeff Schuler's directions here.