In Honor of the 3 Billion Dollar Pb Victory In Rhode Island Today!

Submitted by Zebra Mussel on Mon, 02/26/2007 - 19:51.
In Honor of the 3 Billion Dollar Pb Victory In Rhode Island Today!

First off I cant believe I beat Norm to the Pb punch.  I consider it an honor.   So in honor of the Rhode Island retrial getting tossed out I bring you data regarding a global Pb victory.  The phase out of Pb in gas, almost globally.   I love visuals...

Here is the news story today FYI.:

BOSTON (Reuters) - A judge rejected on Monday a bid for a new trial in a landmark case that found three U.S. companies liable for harming the health of children and creating a public nuisance by manufacturing lead paint.

Rhode Island accused paint manufacturers of covering up the risk of lead paint in its lawsuit filed in 1999, the first in the nation to hold paint makers responsible. The suit could trigger a wave of litigation against the industry.

The three former lead paint makers -- Sherwin-Williams Co., NL Industries Inc. and Millennium Holdings -- were ordered to clean up contaminated paint in the state, which could cost as much as $3 billion.

The companies, which were found liable by a jury on February 22, 2006, said they would appeal Monday's decision.

Rhode Island's case could influence court decisions in other states, counties and cities where lead-poisoning lawsuits are pending, and it has drawn similarities with multibillion-dollar judgments against tobacco makers.

After the longest civil trial in the state's history, Superior Court Judge Michael Silverstein also said a "special master" would design a plan for the companies to clean up lead paint at homes, schools and other public buildings.

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