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East Cleveland pictures of Euclid Avenue

I am hoping that someone will direct me to find pictures of store fronts along Euclid Ave. in East Cleveland from 1940 thru 1972

Try CPL first

Where have you looked so far?  Welcome to REALNEO!

I think East Cleveland Library has a local collection

Yes, welcome.

I think East Cleveland Library has a local collection. My wife and I live in EC and she did some research on the city at the EC library. I'll see what she knows.

Jim Henry has done more local research and will see if he has anything available....

It would be interesting to see what any old-time residents left have - the first African American to move into my area still lives on my street - Mrs. Jones - and I am sure she has quite a photo colection since the early 1960s.

Lots of people have spent lots of time looking at EC lately... there should be a treasure trove of insight somewhere...

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