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They make a ton of noise, which is patriotic (and btw, my second car is a Harley Chopper!)
32% (6 votes)
They burn a ton of fuel from Saudi Arabia and make a ton of pollution which is patriotic
21% (4 votes)
They remind me of Falluja, at night, with incoming, where I was patriotic
16% (3 votes)
They distract from Reality in Cleveland, which helps keep us all distracted and patriotic
26% (5 votes)
They prove Frank Jackson is a smart mayor, because he kept Burke Lake Front Airport open for them.
5% (1 vote)
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hey, thanks

JBuster, I needed the laugh. I lose my sense of humor every air show weekend and hope for heavy rain.  Ever since George W. invaded Iraq, I has been especially dour Labor Day weekend. Here hoping that the powers that be forced the "virtual war experience" out of the show this year.

BTW, for a mere $3,000, you can have a canopy set up, and lunch served. 

jet noise means get out of town

For years, I withstood the noise of the jets making their turns over my neighborhood. Not anymore.

I grew up on the world's largest Air Force testing base. I've had enough war planes flying overhead - more than anyone here.

For years (and still) after I moved here from the northcoast of Florida, people here and there scrunched up their faces when I said, "I moved to Cleveland from the Florida panhandle". "Why?", they asked. There were various reasons. That's for another post.

On Labor Day weekend, I go to Detroit. People scrunch up their faces and say, "You're going to DETROIT?!?" Yep, I am and have for several years.

Remember that awesome jazzfest that Tri-C used to have with that dynamic director, Terri Pontremoli? Well, Tri-C and Terri didn't see eye to eye on all aspects of that awesome fest here in Cleveland after a while and he got a job in the Motorcity. Yeah baby, check out the line up you can see for free this weekend on the riverside in downtown Detroit. Detroit International Jazz Festival - awesome, directed by Cleveland's own, Terri Pontremoli.

In celebration of 30 great years of presenting jazz, the Detroit Jazz Fest will give a nod to Thad, Elvin and Hank Jones, feature other great jazz families, and continue our recognition of the richness of Detroit’s jazz history.
This year’s festival features the venerable Hank Jones, the Clayton Brothers, Dave Brubeck and the Brubeck brothers, John and Bucky Pizzarelli, Larry & Julian Coryell, The Heath Brothers, Pete & Juan Escovedo, Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express, and T.S. Monk in “Monk on Monk” – a performance honoring the musical legacy of his father, Thelonious Monk.
But 2009 is not just about family ties. Audiences will also be treated to performances by Wayne Shorter, Chick Corea, Sheila Jordan, Christian McBride, Stefon Harris and many more. And be sure to check out our lineup of middle school, high school and college bands.

It's three hours away. No jet noise, just awesome music a mass of people and great food all outdoors. Cleveland loses again, but not if you can get to Detroit this weekend. I'll take the camera and bring back pics...

I look forward to the pictures

Too bad REAL COOP doesn't have video cameras to loan... in the future. For now, I look forward to some pictures - I haven't been to Detroit for about 10 years.

You seem to have found a great reason to go - and the story about the Cleveland connection is interesting. Wonder how much talent has been driven from town by leadership at Tri-C and other institutions in town... you should interview Terri about that.

Disrupt IT

jazzfest great as usual

a young drummer blows us away - this guy performed with the Brubeck institute group, just this afternoon.

Johhny O'Neal singing his heart out.

Headliner, Grammy Award winning Christian McBride.

Huge engaged, quiet, informed, diverse crowds (for 30 years!).

Not unlike Cleveland, Detroit is broken, vacant, boarded up and for sale, but the chicory in bloom was beautiful. If you go to Detroit, don't miss Astoria Pastry Shop in Greektown. If you want to see what a city scarred by too much highway where connecting neighborhoods used to be - Detroit is it. When those highways become ghost towns as they were this weekend, the effect is chilling. I couldn't stop thinking about all those moribund opportunity corridors taxpayers built in Detroit. As we drove through the motorcity, few cars were to be seen in motion on the wider than necessary streets and highways.

Still the jazzfest right on the riverfront was hopping with pedestrian activity. Also spotted some notable Clevelanders - Lisa Jean Sylvia (Cityfresh), Robin Van Lear and crew (Parade the Circle/CMA), Bobby Jackson (Jazztracks/WCPN), Marc Lefkowitz (GCBL). I guess we weren't the only out-of-towners who were not on stage. Oh, yes and Ernie Krivda was there, too - but onstage.

I always look forward to the

I always look forward to the Air show time of year.  I am so intrigued by aircraft.  I sleep at night where I can look out a big window and  watch the planes coming in to enter the landing pattern at Hopkins. 

My few hours (45) of flight training has given me some insight  to what might be happening inside the cockpit as  they are bleeding off altitude, reducing speed and going over the landing checklist.

I can sit on my porch and watch the air show and the jets go soaring over - and my mind gets lost in the wild blue yonder.  Often times, I take my log book out and wish I could go again.  But I guess a dream is just that - always just a dream.





looking forward to the air show

I am betting that you don't wrap yourself in a flag and wave sparklers, though.

No, but wouldn't that be a

No, but wouldn't that be a sight.  I think I'll just stick to watching the planes. - and maybe wave sparklers.    I always wanted to fly and I did get to have that experience even though it's been more than 10 years since I've been up.  Due to health problems, I cannot get medical clearance to fly solo - but if I could afford it, I could go as long as I was with an instructor or someone who has a license and has been checked out. 

The first time I took my son,  we took up in a 4 seater and he was just a kid, we flew out over the lake and practiced some banks and turns - my son wasn't thrilled at all with the steep banks, he thought we were going to fall out not to mention that on our way back to the airport we hit a couple of thermals and he did not care for getting bounced around.

I really liked night flying.  You're up above the world and the lights down below are so beautiful.  The first time you're in complete control of the plane and you realize that you can take off and land, it is such a sense of accomplishment. 


I used to like planes ...

They certainly are marvels of engineering and few people can deny it is pretty to cool to fly for the first few times. I used to fly several times a year for work and vacations but now I am much more conscious of my carbon footprint and energy usage in general. I have not flown for five years now. Air travel for the masses like me and for entertainment and military show is just not sustainable. 

war planes and migrating birds

Birds are migrating through the area now on their way south, and I wonder about the impact of the air show on those patterns. Now here is a study that would be worth spending a fews dollars on.