Who will be Cuyahoga County's New Executive?

Submitted by lmcshane on Thu, 09/10/2009 - 12:22.
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26% (16 votes)
David Abbott
5% (3 votes)
Terry Hamilton Brown
3% (2 votes)
Tim Cosgrove
7% (4 votes)
John Corlett
5% (3 votes)
Judy Rawson
2% (1 vote)
Chris Ronayne
20% (12 votes)
Nina Turner
8% (5 votes)
Other-submit name in comments
25% (15 votes)
Total votes: 61
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Thanks for the great poll

We need to take a look at the candidates for the reform committee, as well - I think there should be like 30 of them, and they are likely to actually matter.

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Cuyahoga Cty Executive

New Chief Executive:  Dona Brady

Joe Cimperman?

Perhaps a ideal person for the job?

Dona Brady

Has been campaigning for the position for several months.  I think she'd be excellent.  She's honest, hard working, takes care of business.  One of the few council people unopposed this term.  That says a lot for me.  kd

The executive that earn what

The executive that earn what $150K a year, it needs to have qualification that include fair and honest but a bit beyond that, Donna Brady is a nice person but do you think she is qualified. If you do you really have no respect for networks, because that position requires connections to the power network or nothing will happen.

If you believe that having money makes you dishonest that nuts, really crazy.

If I could pick anyone it would be Jennifer Bruner, but I like her too much to ask her to do that. Because whoever takes on that position will be regularly denigrated. Nice? Does nice adapt well to perpetual denigration? I think NOT, its more about being intelligent and forthright. I see Brunner as the ideal so far, she is able to perform under pressure and also able to accomplish.

What has Brady accomplished in ward 21? A gazebo in Halloran park, a nice gazebo mind you, but its just a gazebo. Over all she managed to exist through the poverty demarcation line progressing westward with a sincere smile and a friendly hello?

It all reeks of; I like them so therefore they are qualified.  I like my mom but she would really stink as a county executive.   I do not think Brady is worth 150K a year.

I do not want option two, it is useless that conclusion should have reached a consensus some time ago, what is this a talk show, draw a conclusion and move on.

I say option one set up a committee and draw up a real alternative form. Take your time and get it correct, set it up with experts then explain it to the public, and thats not the same as selling it. Take the feed pack and sort it into two piles, one being 'ignorant and misinformed' and the other as 'adds real value'.  Then revise the proposal until it appeases the majority; if never then nothing changes.

You are confused Onegus

The Executive Director of the Democratic Party DOES NOT receive a salary.  This is the position Dona Brady is campaigning for, now held by Dimora.  The Ex Dir is titular head of the party in CCounty. 

The County Commissioner, Dimora is one of three, is a paid position.  To my knowledge Donna Brady is not campaigning for this position, although I think she's a good choice. 

And then there's the two County Reform slate of candidates, about which I have nothing to say. 

Within the Democratic Party Brady is known as honest, hardworking, gets things done in her ward, albeit without drama; ie, publicity, which is probably why you know nothing about her.   For instance, when it became known the Diocese was going to close churches, she had a small but important neighborhood church put on the National Register so the building is saved and preserved intact with stained glass and all - a year before all the closings.     One of the things I object to in these blogs is that good people are slammed by others who don't know what they're talking about, have no clue as to real facts.  I, for one, think Brady would be a refreshing change in Democratic party politics.  skd



just wording

 The head of the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party is referred to as the Chair(person, man, etc). That position is held by Dimora. The Chairperson is the head of the county party. The Cuyahoga County Democratic Party Executive Director is Mary Devring and that is a paid position as she is an employee.

None of this to be further confused with the charter reform position of County executive. 

Thanks dweeb

Yes, you are correct.  Thanks.  Sorry to have added to confusion, especially when trying to clear it up.   Tired, ole brain stopped working.  kd

you're welcome

 I know how you feel. BTW, I am trying out a new user name of dw because dwebb just looks strange. 

Well, dwebb is back because it changed the previous posts. 


Thanks for clarifing that,

Thanks for clarifing that, She is a good west park gal?

Now it makes sense, I thought her campaigning for a position that does not even exist didn't. I also got the wards wrong she is not in 21 she is 19.

She took that seat when her husband, ex-husband, not that it matters, left it. Dan Brady left ward 19 to take a seat in the Ohio senate, Skindell is now leaving his seat in the 13 district do to term limits.  Dan Brady will be running for that seat. 

She slid in and has been there ever since….


My parents used to live in her ward, in fact on the same street two blocks from the Brady’s.

She is the president of the her democratic ward club, she is aspiring to what, the party chair?  

I threw up and fainted in that church a few times.  




uh, thanks sharing that Ogenus

We will all have to be careful when we talk about these positions. With the county reforms with 2 slates to be a county council then a ex director of that, it will be too easy to use the term that could also apply to another position. Maybe we could work on that as a realneo project. What do you think.

We will need to decide by

We will need to decide by November which option to chose and then which way to vote.

That’s two separate options that are not mutually exclusive and that is problematic.

I am wondering... they are offering two choices, you can vote for or against on both. It will confuse voters.

It should be presented like this:

Select one of the three options:

1) study for change (real reform done right)

2) change now (new Cuyahoga now)

3) leave it alone (no changes)

Simply being able to choose between multiple options in itself would be revolutionary?

It is that simple to me…and obvious that its better to open it up and take some time with it and that why I choose (1) and it could result in (2) eventually...but not if I and others are given time to consider other options.

The way they are doing it is problematic;

1) study for change (YES) or (NO)

2) change now (YES) or (NO)

What if a voter votes no for both, that is possible and it will result in option (3) nothing changes.

What if the voter votes yes for both? Will an alarm go off? Will it say if you vote yes on (1) then you cannot vote yes on (2)? If they are not mutually exclusive then why not present them in a way that removes the potential for voter error?

It is because they actually are giving credence to the folly. They are using it they are biased as I am, but stop using voter error potential like a political tool. Who do they think they are Ken Blackwell?

pros and cons of all the

pros and cons of all the options would be nice.  But, the way you explain it, it makes a lot more sense to me now.  What would be the cost of a study?  How long would the study take? After we get the results of the study when would we be able to vote on a change if changes were recommended by the study?  If a change was made now and it turned out to be less than expected can we reverse the change and go back to the old way?  If no change is made and it turns out that the same old corruption continues when will we be able to vote for a change again?  So many questions...but without the answers how will we know which option to choose. 

why do you think that it will be someone from cleveland

vs. a wealthy suburbanite? When we move to a county council and executive, the Cleveland pool will be in a minority, at least as far as well funded campaigns for those seats, and those people will choose an executive that fits their bill, not ours. Our voices will be weaker unless we speak louder, collectively. 

those people will choose an executive that fits their bill

Like they don't already... have since the days past Tom L. Johnson

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business as usual, right?


business as usual, right?

Executive Committee

The leader of Democratic Party is chosen by Ward clubs.  Election of precinct committee people is this November.  All you need is a petition with 15 signatures to get on the ballot.   I'm running and encouraging all of you to do the same.  Time ( and opportunity) to get in on the decision making.  Kd

this is interesting

 this is interesting, Kate.

It seems this is a grassroots method of involvement yet its a big secret. I've never heard of this process, yet I am relatively aware of politics. Do they advertise, publish or promote this in any way?

Or is this just a word of mouth process - who you know?

Because that in itself would promote nepotism within the political realm.

More Precinct Committee

Anyone can run - don't know why it's such a big secret.  Surely not intentional.  My parents big union organizers so I was aware of political grassroots early on.  Get on BOE web site for info.  In order to get on ballot in November  you need a petition with 15 signatures.  After that it's how many votes you can garner.  Then all the elected precinct people get together to elect a Ward Leader.  The ward leader from each ward is part of the Executive Committee.

Both Ex. Com. and precinct people were the ones voting on who replaced Tubbs Jones and McFaul so you can see there is some power there.  All of Cuyahoga county included for sheriff and only those in area affected for Jones. 

As a PC member you also get to vote on whether or not the Democratic Party endorses issues like the library, gambling, etc.  Go for it.  kd



I'm not really up on all the

I'm not really up on all the political positions but I was under the impression that the Precinct Committee Chair Person was to actually live in the Precinct they represented? 

This will be voted on in

This will be voted on in November, right?  Maybe it won't pass.  I also have the concern that Clevelanders will not be well represented in this type of government.  I am opposed to the reform.  Just get rid of the corruption, the system is fine if honest people are elected.  Don't throw out the baby with the dirty bath water.  Keep the system.  Get rid of the corruption.

Precinct Committee candidates

Ward 14 Res, to clarify I was talking about precinct committee members who will be elected this November, not the County Reform slate which is totally different.  Anybody can run and again, encourage all of you to consider.  Further, to clarify, was talking about Dona Brady to replace Jimmy Dimora.  That position is elected by the precinct committee members.   kd

Thank you skd0333

Thanks for the clarification.  I was misunderstanding and thought this was for County Reform.  I learn something here every day.

Is Cleveland's Mayor largely a figurehead?

  If so, then who really calls the shots?

Elect Dianna Hill Cuyahoga County Executive!

Elect Dianna Hill as Cuyahoga County Executive! She's on the democratic ballot on September 07, 2010.... 
Get registered to vote in this election today! Call the Board of Elections at 443-3200 for a voter registration card! Let your voices be heard and uphold democracy!!! 

She's one CRAZY Momma !

I am so very glad Dianna Hill is running to light a fire under the rumps of all the stiffs in this race. 

At the very least, I hope she can put the Brooklyn Centre neighborhood on the MAP :) 

She you in the 'hood--sista :-O!!

Thanks for all your votes! Elect Don Scipione as County Exec

Hey guys...lots to learn about your candidates....

Mark Your Calendars and vote for Don Scipione as your Cuyahoga County Executive!