Knowing that "pollution probably shortens Steubenville (Ohio) residents' life spans by one to two years":

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Thu, 12/24/2009 - 10:14.

Read ""Legal" air pollution may also kill"

This question is not a joke for the people of Steubenville, Ohio, of Cleveland, Ohio. Read "Legal" air pollution may also kill. (particulate pollution within legal limits has measurable public health consequences)

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"Choose to live" -- key words here...

Many people, primarily children don't choose where they live. Children are often worst hit by  pollution and they have more years to suffer the damage. So, If your parents are ignorant or just don't care about environmental health you may may be doomed to a shorter life and poor health.

How about if the parents are just too poor to move?

Does that mean they are ignorant or just don't care?  Or does it mean that they are stuck in a bad situation that our leaders do nothing to correct.  A city is no place for people to live, and definately no place to raise children.  So get out now if you have the means.  If you can't move now, work and save so you can move as soon as possible.  Do NOT STAY HERE IN CLEVELAND.  It is unhealthy in so many ways.


I never let an  amount of money or education stop me from whatever I wanted to do.    Set a goal and work toward it.  I love living in Cleveland, even poor, ole Ward 14 with all it's warts - you couldn't pry me out of here.  Bay Village is boring, stuffy, believe me - I've been there and couldn't wait to get out. 

Don't give in

We are NOT doomed.  Our so-called leaders would have you believe their untermenschen philosophy. Don't give in to their hate propaganda. 

The kids are alright.

and don't give up

 Cleveland is not a bad place to be. We just need to find and elect a more forward thinking set of leaders.

Maybe we can find them in another state and entice them here, then elect them.