Should the CMSD Board extend Chief Executive Officer Eugene Sanders' contract beyond the coming school year?

CMSD contract renewal extended

 History will condemn this CMSD administration and School Board and the Greater Cleveland Partnership/Foundation machinations that put Sanders into place to betray taxpayers, take down unions, destroy the public school system and to drive a stake into the heart of east side Cleveland neighborhoods. 

Sander's top crony, Daniel Burns, is already guaranteed his pension despite his significant crimes--since he had thirty years in the system.  My guess would be that Sanders has the same back-up plan.

Sanders, a former Toledo schools superintendent, is 53 and has logged about 30 years in education. He calls the transformation plan his "last hurrah."

From PD writer Thomas Ott:

To Dave and others: If Daniel Burns is convicted on the chare of theft in office, a court can order restitution paid from his State Employee Retirement System benefits. An employee can be forced to forfeit SERS benefits only if convicted before retirement, according to Tim Barbour, spokesman for the retirement system. Burns' Toledo personnel file indicates he retired effective July 1, 2006.

musagarvey: The district has a new fraud hotline, though it is supervised by an internal auditor, not an independent party. The number is 216-858-0101.

And from a comment posted to

I would suggest that the Board wait until former CMSD Chief Operations officer Dan Burn's trial is over. (It has been conveniently postponed to June 7). There's a good chance that extending Sanders' contract may blow up in their collective face. Not only a matter of theft by Sanders' top lieutenant; there is also the thorny question of whether Sanders authorized using school funds to spy on his enemies in Toledo and Cleveland.


Why do we continue to pay folks to rob us?

Updated 6.2.2010--

Contract renewal deadline has been extended to July  :

the plan’s architect, Cleveland Schools CEO Dr. Eugene Sanders

I love how the Mayor's release describes Cleveland Schools CEO Dr. Eugene Sanders as the plan’s "architect"... a misuse of that that word if ever there has been one. The School Board and Mayor are responsible for the design and execution of all aspects of school planning... they are the architects of this and remain responsible long after Sanders parachutes away (well compensated to have posed as an architect and to go down in non-history as yet another bureaucratic Neanderthal education meddler of the early 2000s).

                   Mayor Jackson requests more time for
                   CEO Sanders’ contract extension talks
     Statement from Mayor Frank G. Jackson:
     The Cleveland Metropolitan School District is in the midst of an historic
transformation plan, one that will reshape how the school district educates Cleveland’s
children, dramatically improve student achievement and offer students greater prospects
for success after graduating. At the same time, discussions have been underway
between the plan’s architect, Cleveland Schools CEO Dr. Eugene Sanders, and the
Cleveland Board of Education regarding an extension of Dr. Sanders’ contract. The
deadline for reaching an agreement on a contact extension is today, June 1.
     Traditionally, we have talked about a one-year extension. Given the current
contract, this would extend Dr. Sanders’ tenure at the district through June 30, 2012.
However, given the immediate issues before us, the magnitude of change that the district
is working toward and the amount of time necessary to properly implement the
transformation plan, it is important that Dr. Sanders’ contract extension is one that will
ensure success, create accountability and achieve a significant, lasting and positive
impact on the education of our children.
     With this in mind, I asked Dr. Sanders and Denise Link, Chair of the Cleveland
Board of Education, to extend their discussions regarding the contract extension until
July 1, 2010. Chair Link and Dr. Sanders have agreed and will continue their
discussions about this very important issue.

Disrupt IT

A bunch of BULL

The Political Gangster

            Who is this guy the mayors buddy or something? I haven't heard of this guy doing anything to have this title of putting our kids in his hands. This is a bunch of BULL!!! the only thing they will transform is the kids becomiing adults too fast in the wrong ways being mixed with the much older kids in these limited Schools their planning.

Sanders' contract

Sanders requested that his contract renewal be based on his performance.  So, at his own request, good riddance.

CMSD Propaganda Machine

Let the record show that Sander's was/is not in any way an "architect" of the Transformation Plan.  He is a shill.

Foundations  paid $750,000 to an outside consultant group with very little education experience--Boston Consulting Group--to craft "data-driven" recommendations. 

The Greater Cleveland Partnership, a metropolitan chamber of commerce, gave Sanders a vote of confidence Tuesday. The chamber's board voted to endorse the transformation plan, and leaders said Sanders has the skill and passion to carry it out.

Follow the money trail....

The Propaganda Machine is going full tilt as the criminal investigation continues.

Today's PD 6/3/2010 includes a full page ad from area business folks begging you to believe that the Sander's peddled "Transformation Plan"--school closings, teacher lay-offs, and constant chaos-- is a good thing. They want you to forget that academic achievement has DECLINED under his administration from the modest improvements made under Barbara Byrd-Bennett.

And residents, received a costly, glossy mailer today--at taxpayer expense:

This will go down as the crime of the century--if residents allow this charlatan and his controllers to push this "Tranformation Plan" on taxpayers.

Teachers are to blame for EVERYTHING

Fight back

I am reposting this article from the Plain Dealer--because the continued attempt to portray teachers and concerned residents as obstacles to some amazing, so-called transformative process is sickening. 

Read the comments, again. 

Cleveland schools

'transformation plan'

challenged in federal court

By Thomas Ott, The Plain Dealer

March 02, 2010, 7:00PM



The Political Gangster

                           I don't know what people are thinking, nor what they're afraid of but, these are our children and if we don't fight for them who will? They need School not a bunch of babies going to School with older kids teaching them things they don't need to know this will be a bad mix with Schools gone which is what the bad leaders want. TO DESTROY OUR YOUTH while they still can. It's up to us ladies and gents the babies are depending on US. PARENTS,GRANDPARENTS,AUNTS, UNCLES. if we don't their done our children will be stepped on with a bad School mix while we watch.