What information draws you to REALNEO.US the most?

Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Thu, 01/27/2011 - 22:13.
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Too many choices for a single selection poll... but good list

Too many choices for a single selection poll... but good list

In constructing a single choice poll, I suggest you keep the choices simple and to a limited set of 2-7 selections - this poll would be best for multiple selections, rank order, or score type polling and the results would be interesting. Also, the poll needs to avoid bias - e.g all the locations you list as draws to realNEO are on the West Side - lots of readers are interested in the East Side - need a comprehensive list. With this many choices, you probably won't get very many votes at all (people get turned off by complex, mind-consuming polls) and they will probably be very distributed.

This type of list poll should also offer "other" - I was drawn here by technology.

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Also, too long for the home page

Also, too long for the home page - this one item will make the realNEO homepage a mess for days until it is pushed to the next page - that will definitely send people away from the site.

Disrupt IT

Sorry norm....didn't realize that stuff...feel free to edit it..

accordingly to your standards....Great feedback, though...and sorry I missed technology.


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Norm, how do we take this off the front page but keep on blog?

I cannot figure out how to take this poll off the front page since I tried to update it with a different poll.

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

I found your site while

I found your site while checking up on the old town.  It is really a pleasure to stop by as I have not been Lakeside in a long time.  I'm always looking for information on the great old city and you folks do a good job.  But, I do get a bit sad when I realize that the town whose streets I safely roamed and where I was educated has become so beat down.  My hat is off to the Clevelanders there who do what they can for themselves and their neighbors.  It does seem that so many no longer do either.

Thanks for the feedback, GBW!

We all try our best... Thank you for your consideration...

Any special areas we can write about that are of interest to you from your memories? 


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

  Ah Angel, You shouldn't


Ah Angel,

You shouldn't get me started on memories and Dear Cleveburg.  I often try to understand the place's arc over time.  It was a dynamic place once.  Manufacturing and invention went hand-in-hand a long time ago, there.  I worry about the quality of life for the law-abiding residents there.  A more Christian attitude would leave out the "law-abiding" qualifier, I know.  It's just a thing I have about human predation upon human dignity, I guess.

My interests are not that important.  The site has a wide range of persons who inform themselves of many interests that I enjoy.  I do enjoy hearing positive news from town.  My ears prick up when I hear of any teams doing well.  Sure hope that CSU gets a bid to March Madness!  It's nice hearing of neighborhoods organizing for themselves and their children's futures.  I have a thing for news about physical improvements around town.  Does it still take forever to get a bridge fixed there?  Pothole season is around the corner.  Careful! 

When you think of it, safety and schools are about 90% of the reason people choose a place to live--if they can choose.  But--is the zoo still as top-notch as it used to be?  How about the rec centers?  The city schools seem to have lost most people's confidence.  Maybe the parochial schools and others are stepping in.  And, maybe the fine selection of colleges in the area are still helping young people get a start down their paths.  I hope it's still a fun town.  It was never full of itself.

We're all too busy.  Just be sure to write about what is meaningful to you, most of all.  My only suggestion is to remember to handle those subjects most important to you, with the most care.  Blogging about  perpetual cronyism, for example, can't ever really rise to the same level as, say, childhood memories, or any other matters of heart and soul.

Thanks for your notes.


Yes...memories keep hope alive...

Without the memories of many things that were once delights of living in Cleveland; I probably wouldn't know any better....

They say there's nothing more constant than change... A nun told me that sometimes people have to "REGURGITATE" the bad to get to the good... A lot of folks swallowed a lot of crap for many generations... I'll work on progressing forward...

Yet, I hope all of our citizens continue to OVERSIGHT their leadership at every corner to prevent further issues you cited above.... The people deserve better than lies, deceit, and cronyism... The people don't deserve to live in fear of that leadership or the cronies either.

I'll touch on a couple of your ideas as time permits. I hope other writerers share as well as I cannot cover all the world...smiles.

Thanks for your ideas, highlights, and sharing...


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"