Thanks to Douglas Max Utter for remembering John Jackson and Masumi Hayashi well

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Thu, 08/24/2006 - 16:06.

Leave it to a great artist to know great artists, and to a great publication to get the right words out. In this week's Free Times, one of my favorite artists from Northeast Ohio, and our finest arts journalist, Douglas Max Utter paid tribute to John Jackson and Masumi Hayashi, and finally shared true insight about these great artists and their work, characters and visions with the world.

I'm especially pleased Doug focuses his article on John Jackson, who is not well documented yet created very impactful art. The only sculpture I know to be in public display, the sculpture in the labyrinth garden being dedicated in his honor tonight (exhibited here), is just my kind of sculpture... it makes me think of David Smith, who is a favorite of mine. The work in the garden at W65th and Clinton is compact yet powerful, and well suited to the context... one feels it created the garden itself.

In Doug's memoriam, especially moving is the observation: "Masumi Hayashi and John Jackson had little enough in common in terms of media or artistic concerns, yet in temperament they were remarkably alike, sharing a gentle thoughtfulness mixed with hardnosed dedication to their craft." It seems, for artists, it takes one to know one. Compliments to Doug Utter for digging and thinking deep to bring to this community a better understanding of art and its role in our lives, and place in our history, than did any other media source in NEO.


Rest in peace.


  I spoke with Cleveland City Councilman Martin Keane about the stalled legislation in council.  I left a lengthy phone message with Councilman Matt Zone and have spoken many times with Councilman Brian Cummins.  Police need a tool that will allow them to enforce noise ordinance violations.  Noise violence.  Language should not be a barrier.  Under Mike White's mayoral administration, homes were seized for drug violations.  How was his law department able to recognize and enforce nuisance abatement and not violate the fourth amendment?  (How can we use this same tool to seize houses that have become a nuisance to the community through the delinquency of banks and foreclosure and revert them to provide needed housing?)

Legal language should not be a barrier.  We can not afford to waste time and delay enforcement against noise violence in our society.  We are going into the summer.  A time of joyful noise and a time of deadly noise.  John and Masumi died senselessly and violently over noise.  Jacob Feichtner, 24, Katherine Rosby, 26, and Bruce Anderson, 30, died senselessly and violently over noise.  We need to remember these people and the senseless loss of their lives over noise.  Rest in peace.