VIDEO: proposal to provide empty/underutilized buildings in region for technology start-ups

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Wed, 11/09/2005 - 15:43.

This "Storm the Palace" participant in a "technology" world cafe discusses his proposal to reuse abandoned, empty, underutilized properties for start-up technology businesses, putting the properties back into useful service, reducing blight, and at the same time providing much needed incubation space for start-ups.

This video requires Quicktime which can be downloaded for free.

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Who pays?

This discussion brings up good points - there are lots of great buildings in the region that sit empty and deteriorating for years/decades - many are actually owned by cities (East Cleveland, for example, has a landbank of properties they want to put back into service) so why not put together a low cost, foundation, government or private sector supported program to create tech incubators in some of these - perhaps encourage the start-ups to help fix up the property in exchange for low/no cost terms and even some ownership in the facilities... let entrepreneurs be entrepreneurial and use their sweat to build real estate equity, as they build their early stage businesses.