Increasing participation by people in Arts and Cultural Activities

Submitted by More Better on Thu, 11/03/2005 - 15:35.

Please post comments and insights regarding ways to increase participation in Arts and Cultural events

Ramping up the activity levels!

Some of the thoughts I have that could increase participation in arts and culture in our region:

Creating incentives for NEO residents to experience and appreciate the cultural gems our region has to offer people. One example could be shared ticketing between museums, galleries, and orchestras - so arts lovers gain exposure to natural history, and vice versa.

Another option I envision is a RealNEO Culture Card - A VIP card that would allow for 2-for-1 admission to the orchestra, or exclusive entry to gallery shows and museum benefits. I believe a major stumbling block to participation is a prevailing belief that theater, orchestra, etc are unaffordable. Another is the lack of interest and appreciation of these events. Combating the former problem would be communicating the value of matinee shows and incentives like the Card offers. Combating the latter would entail educational programming or TV programming that teaches arts appreciation.

Just as education plays a role - Technology does as well, in that audio tours can provide commentary to aid the novice museum-goer and educate them in real time. The same technology could be applied at gallery showings as well -perhaps an 'in the artists own words' format.

As for participation in the form of purchasing art - one could launch a promotional campaign that conveys the design impact of displaying art in the household or workplace as opposed to posters or mass-produced prints. This speaks to the sophistication of the art buyer - and the culture as a whole, should behavior shift in that direction. The vast array of quality pieces available at rock bottom prices is an incentive and opportunity in its own right - NEO residents could easily afford to decorate their homes with local art.

Many more thoughts come to mind, but these are just a few starters - we need to design viable action plans to derive these vibrant cultural outcomes cost-effectively.