Arts groups doing more segment or target marketing

Submitted by Storm Palace on Tue, 11/15/2005 - 15:03.

Post thoughts regarding arts groups marketing strategies (segment or target) for NEO

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Arts Proliferation : Strategies

I thought i'd start off this topic with some thoughts on arts proliferation to a targeted or segmented market.  I think this is just as important as promoting the arts to more unaware or inexperienced people and needs to be applied in conjunction with strategies that raise awareness to new potential converts, and not compete destructively with those efforts.  If efforts were solely placed on target marketing, one could target those with a prexisting appreciation for arts events-: it would be more cost effective, but ignore the great potential and power of new exposure.

That being said here are some ideas for segment, targeted marketing by Arts groups:

1. Promoting the work of the arts group via a web portal or site that generates traffic using target email lists (preferably opt-in lists cultivated via on the site by offering something of value (i.e. a newsletter) or even lists purchased from marketing sources.

2.  Broadcasting the arts group's events on calendars of relevant web sites like RealNEO

3.  Promoting events on physcial bulletin boards at arts-friendly venues like coffee houses and arts schools.

 4. Campaigns that employ direct mailings to arts supporters, students, faculty, and other artists.

I'm sure there are many other forms of target marketing:  any thoughts?



Very interested to make this work

I think all the things you recommend are easy to do. In the process, we need to get artists comfortable with using technology. They can make more money than they imagine just by learning how to use the Internet, and that can be very liberating.

I'm very focused on making realneo a great home for the arts, and helping people in the arts be happy here. Ultimately, that is a community responsibility. Get to it.