Mishpacha - A Virtual Community for Real Jewish Families

Submitted by Ted Takacs on Sun, 12/26/2004 - 18:09.

is for parents who find that what they learned as Jewish children
isn't enough to build their own Jewish families. A starting point for a spiritual
journey, Mishpacha provides guideposts to Jewish belief, practice and community,
as well as a group of fellow travelers to join you on your journey.

Mishpacha consists of this Web site -- an introductory guide to Jewish life
-- and private virtual communities. The guide aims to survey the most important
ideas of Jewish life, practice and culture, always asking the question: Is this
relevant for our lives?

The virtual communities provide an opportunity for groups of parents to come
together on-line, encountering each other and their Jewish identities. Each
community spends three months exploring Judaism with a professional facilitator,
after which they can decide how to continue on their own.

Mishpacha is a project of the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture.

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