Flash Meeting

A Flash-based audio and video conferencing system that works in any browser with Flash 7 installed.

Might be interesting technology to include as part of a virtual meeting system.

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Flash Meeting worth exploring

I checked out the Flash Meeting site you linked and it looks very cool - have you demo'ed this yet?

Seems they are in beta and looking for collaboration partners so if this seems an opimal audio and video conferencing system we should explore an earh adopter relationship.


The other cool thing I notice is this is part of England's Open Uiversity Knowledge Media Institute, which is looking for strategic partners, and that is partnered with OU's Center for New Media (CNM), which has developed and offers many innovative information tools for knowledge management and collaboration, it seems to support their need to enable virtual learning.

My only concern is with lock in to closed systems and solutions and the fit of CNM's vision with ours - and are there better solutions available that are more "open"? I'm interested in the feedback of others - these are important capabilities to fit into our framework!