Jones Day sued American president Jimmy Carter and defended Ronald Reagan

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The more one reads about Cleveland law firm Jones Day the more one realizes they are associated for bad with the greatest problems in Northeast Ohio, America and the world today - from environmental ruination, to public health crises, to political corruption and the perverse disparity between races and wealth, Jones Day is the black heart in every case, fighting against good. Jones Day truly is the leading defender of industrial policy to make the world's people fat, drunk, stupid and dead, forever. Here's is brief history of the firm, as the spine of this book to contain further reasons to hate Jones Day today, every day.

From Cleveland to the White House

Jones Day was formed in Cleveland in 1893 by Judge Edwin Blandin and William Lowe Rice and started its legal practice representing Midwestern manufacturers and transportation companies. From these humble beginnings, the firm has grown into a huge, international powerhouse, with over 2,200 attorneys in 30 locations worldwide. While the firm has no headquarters, its managing partner is now resident in Washington, D.C. The 1980s and 1990s saw Jones Day merging with a number of other law firms and steadily opening new offices around the world.

Historically, the firm has been involved in numerous prominent cases, many involving U.S. presidents. For example, in 1952, the firm was involved in--and won--a legal battle to prevent President Truman's seizure of U.S. steel mills. In 1980, Jones Day was in the unusual position of suing one American president (Jimmy Carter) and defending another (Ronald Reagan) in the same year. In 1974, during Watergate, Nixon called on Jones Day attorney H. Chapman "Chappie" Rose to represent him. Rose decided that he couldn't represent the president without listening to that infamous tape recording and eventually turned Tricky Dick down.

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I would go a step further if I were in office.   I would legislate against the sale/production of any cigarettes, because there can be, and is no justification to tax a product which is addicting and killing citizens.  Like the Kyoto Accord being adopted locally, Cuyahoga County can adopt a policy of no cigarette sales within the county.  They must be outlawed.


The specious, and only, argument against this is that the addicted will merely go to the next county to buy their cigarettes and Cuyahoga will lose the tax revenue.  So be it.  We can hold our heads up high.   To use the lowest common denominator of sick tax collection from the addicted as the scale for ourselves is sick and immoral.

Mass killing by tobacco as a political litmus test

The only reason tobacco is still legal and will kill 1,000,000,000 people in a century is there are evil lawyers such as at Jones Day making sure it kills - if nobody would sell their souls to the devil and defend mass killing it would be stopped. Simple litmus test for politiciants going forward - will they fight to make mass killing illegal within their jursidictions - smoking and other polluting - if not, get them the hell out of public service and in the deathcamp business where they want to belong.

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