Artist for Eternity: Rest in Peace, Scott Miller

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 05/20/2008 - 12:22.

Scott Miller

I was saddened to learn today that the excellent Northeast Ohio painter - a Cleveland Institute of Art graduate and productive artist - Scott Miller passed away, this weekend. I'm sure detals will follow here and in other arts media. My mother taught Scott at CIA and remembers him as a great talent, who lived life his own way. Scott just had a powerful show of recent work at Gray's Auctioneers Gallery, in December 2007, at which I shot these photos of Scott and his work - I'll post more later.

Rest in Peace, Scott Miller... I will miss your presence here, now lost.

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Alive in his paintings ...

It feels strange looking at Scott's work, knowing that he is gone now, his presence seems so powerfully alive in his paintings. NEO must find a way to remember Scott and preserve his artistic legacy -- which is part of Cleveland art history. has just has just posted an article/obituary, but, oddly they failed to mention his recent show in Cleveland at Gray's Auctioneers. Steven Litt quotes Bill Busta and Bill Tregoning who I really doubt had as much contact with Scott in recent months as Deba Grey and Serena Harrigan, the owners of Gray's Auctioneers, did. They were in constant contact with Scott during the three month run of his exhibition, which was extended due to popular demand. See the photo from the opening.

Curious absence

  When and whether the PD decides to publish obvious information constantly surprises me.  Sometimes, the PD publishes the real story and buries it, but all too often, they don't publish it at all, or they wait for the cumulative weight of the story to come crashing through the ceiling as in the patronage and cronyism in our local government. 

So, it's just a matter of waiting, I suppose for their writers to catch up with actual events.  All the while, life is precious and short and we lose significance every day. 

Rest in peace, Scott Miller.  You brought joy into a lot of people's lives.  My rhubarb has a flower in bloom. 

 (Photo credit: John Byrum)

The sublime spirit of Scott Miller will always be with us.

See touching photos of Scott and his work

Gary Penca has posted photos of Scott and his work, from 1975-2004, at this tribute page you should visit!

Scott Miller and Gary Penca

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