Scott may be gone...but I’ll never forget him

Submitted by Gary Penca on Thu, 05/29/2008 - 23:01.

Scott Miller Self-Portrait

When I met Scott at Cooper School of Art I was his complete opposite. He was a fine art major, I was an illustration major. I was a jock in high school and sports junkie. Scott couldn't name one player on the Cleveland Browns. Yet we became great friends. Trips to the Dali Museum in Beachwood, Frisbee in the metro-parks till we dropped, Playing ping pong in the dead of winter in the middle of the night in the park and great weekends with his family at there second home on Lake Chautauqua. I moved to Florida in 78 got married started my carrier and only saw him maybe three times after that. But we managed to give each other a call now and then, with sometimes many years in between. But it seemed like I never left. Scott was my pride and joy from Cooper. He had what it takes to be a successful fine artist. In my life I have met many talented artist but Scott was the greatest of them all. I have been truly blessed to have known Scott and will miss him deeply. He has left me with some great Scott Miller stories that will put a smile on my face whenever I think of them or share them with friends. My condolences go to out his wonderful family and all those he has touched.

Gary Penca

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Norm Roulet viewing Miller works, Gray's Auctioneers, December 14, 2007