Can you recommend someone for this job?

Submitted by Betsey Merkel on Tue, 05/20/2008 - 22:59.

If you or you know of someone who might be suitable for the job contact Lev Gonick at LevDOTgonickATcaseDOTedu

Can you recommend someone for this job?

<lev [dot] gonick [at] case [dot] edu><betseymerkel [at] gmail [dot] com>I have served on the Lawrence School Board in NEOhio for 6 years ( We are looking for a senior network and systems administrator. Lawrence School is an independent K-12 day school serving bright students with learning differences in Northeast Ohio. Technology plays a vital role in the process of learning at Lawrence School. If you are looking for a professional growth opportunity that will allow you to make an impact on the lives of exceptional students, Lawrence School is the place for you. Company: Lawrence School Job Title: Network & Systems Administrator Description: Network and Systems Administrator: The primary responsibilities for this position are the operations and management of the Lawrence School wide and local area networks and the various application services provided through those networks. Primary Job Functions: * Designs, acquires, installs and maintains the schools wide and local area networks as well as various software applications * Oversees the Information Technology program at Lawrence School and serves as the focal point for service providers and vendors * Maintains professional level of tech knowledge in order to determine hardware and software components that meet present and future requirements within the school, and provides support to the student, faculty and staff population * Identifies recommendations related to purchasing and installing hardware, software, telecommunications and desktop environments, and presents those recommendations to management * Advises and counsels Lawrence School executives, management and governance team on technology budget considerations and direction * Provides management oversight to campus Technology Coordinators and Information Technology project teams * Conducts planning and infrastructure management activities in order to ensure that stable operations, sound security and strategic planning occurs Planning and Infrastructure Management Responsibilities: * Manages the installation, maintenance and monitoring of WAN and LAN security tools, activities, exposures, threats and anomalies * Manages the installation, maintenance and monitoring of the operational aspects of the WAN and LAN networks * Manages the continued maintenance, availability and performance monitoring for applications within the Lawrence School domain * Serves as the Information Technology domain expert within Lawrence School for both Network and Applications services (e.g. network design, operational efficiency, performance management, equipment refresh cycles, application planning, and strategic direction) * Ensures technology infrastructure and application security through patching activities and working with stakeholders to assess security and technology knowledge / skill sets to determine vulnerabilities, risks and threats Education / Certification Requirements: BA or BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) or MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) preferred Required Skills / Experience: * 5-7 years experience with medium to large Enterprise Wide Networking communities and application environments * 1-3 years Information Technology supervision or management experience Demonstrated ability to lead, collaborate and communicate with faculty, staff and administrators * Experience and ability to provide direct user support for both network, application, and desktop related problem situations * Ability to present complex technical information in a clear and concise manner To be considered for this position, please submit your resume and salary requirements to: Mr. Lou Salza, Head of School, jobsATLawrenceschoolDOTorg  betseymerkel [at] gmail [dot] com>lev [dot] gonick [at] case [dot] edu>

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University of Waterloo

  Ideally, this position should be filled by a local graduate.  The young woman and behavioral scientist in Strongsville, who is going on to college, chose the University of Waterloo in Toronto.  Should CWRU, consider a co-op program, as well?

Connecting regional assets by way of innovation networks

Excellent idea..the need to build "smart" networks to accelerate how we connect quickly with anyone who is innovative, creative and excited about working for organizations like Lawrence School right now only exist word of mouth, and here online in a limited capacity. Because NEO economic development leadership continues to lead by "command and control," which does not work anymore, NEO suffers from a deficit of the new networked infrastructure necessary to build 21st Century economies. Our next step, as a region, is to build pragmatic purposeful network infrastructure in NEO to accomplish the very task you have suggested.

Let's stop lip service

  Today's news that CWRU will renew it's contract affiliation with Metrohealth Hospital is good news for my neighborhood and good news for our kids. 

My first "real" job (salary/benefits) was working for CWRU at Metrohealth Hospital. 

Little did I know that it was a much sought after place to get a job, so I left to try other things, and it took me another 10 years to get a job with a salary and benefits. 

We have energy and potential at Lincoln-West High School.  Will CASE, Metrohealth, CMSD, CPL, CCPL, and the multitude of agencies competing in NEO, go beyond acronyms and community lip service to  SEE and TAP the potential???

More to ponder on lip service HERE.

A Betsey Nutshell

Since the squirrel in my backyard actually calls the shot around here--I am always looking for nutshells:

Because NEO economic development leadership continues to lead by "command and control," which does not work anymore, NEO suffers from a deficit of the new networked infrastructure necessary to build 21st Century economies.

You said it, Sister Squirrel!

Their command and control has caused harm

Completely clueless about the REAL NEO economy (it ain't biotech), NEO leadership is harmful to our society in many ways, like contaminating our environment, and destroying any social activism that empowers people. I've had so many poor experiences with NEO leaders over social computing and information technology (IT) that I know it isn't just that our leaders are stupid about IT (which they are) but that they use the stupid shit they know about IT to fuck up what little good IT is ever seen here.. A good axample is how they fucked up chances to use Drupal for positive social change with Voices and Choices, and still with GCBL... and all this second life stupidity and Case of NoneCommunity wifi access here. So, two problems... leadership that is stupid about the new economy and who use the stupid things they know to harm those doing good with the new economy, who are all in the grass roots.

So, we mjust keep plugging away, taking out the stupid leaders one at a time, and replacing their stupid ideas and devices with good. It's hard, expensive and wasteful to society but worth it.

Disrupt IT

Thanks, Norm. I hear you. I

Thanks, Norm. I hear you. I appreciate you bringing up the factor of "harm." I think this is important and has unforseeable consequences. I would like to add what Jack Ricchiuto has taught us for anyone reading, "What do we want people to know, think, feel, and do?" It's not as easy as it sounds and requires practice.
Another point you bring up, which has been resonating in our conversations with others recently, is the role of ignorance, of which I believe is at extraodinarily high levels here in Northeast Ohio, and it's affect on harm. Because economies today move fast and exponentially - up and down, no one person can shoulder the burden of leadership in a fully informed manner. Information is too deep, too complex. We need to think differently and with many heads at once. Our first step to lower levels of ignorance is to promote transparency.
Every region needs to practice good habits of collaborative leadership by sharing information and assets.  Platforms like Drupal, and now Near-Time, give us new tools to open up learning to anyone who has initiative to contribute to building strong, smart community.
Open Source Economic Development offers a methodology that is appropriate for contemporary times: driven by systems thinking and networks. I recommed this book to learn more,

Competing in a Flat World: Building Enterprises for a Borderless World; Fung, Fung, Wind / Amazon

We can affect regional transformation quickly with all of us engaged in a process of collaborative leadership, networks, and Strategic Doing to share individual burden, transform our region, and dissipate the harm.

This is really great. Thank

This is really great. Thank you for the effort. People make things complicated. Animals teach us so much about the value of simplicity and what is important! Hmm, I like that, "A Betsey Nutshell!"


Nuts...that's all Norm :)  And no disrespect meant to anyone.  It's just a comment on the folly of our present course of action (?).  Really, if a goldfish can show altruism and share information and resources, why can't human beings?