Evolutionary Biology

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Awhile back, Roldo mentioned that the newspaper still has relevance. Today, this article proves it.
Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Will Case, CSU, Akron or any Ohio university realize the significance of this young lady's achievement and award her with a full four-year scholarship?  Hell, if I ran the world, she would have an honorary degree.

Hybrids and mutants

  Recently, the local birding subculture puzzled over a bizarre looking shorebird.  Even, the experts were stumped and hesitant to use the H-word--Hybrid.  You see, even birders find it a bit dangerous to call race x race = hybrid.  Race in bird terms indicates the same species with color and morphology variations.  Mutants are an even more touchy anomaly, yet all species have mutants, too.  So, when are we going to stop talking on the level of race and start talking on the level of species?