Even the Pope is "Going Solar"

Submitted by Charles Frost on Wed, 06/06/2007 - 06:26.

Leaders of all sorts are keen for green right now. It's trendy for a start, so a guaranteed popularity boost. And also, to drop the cynicism shield for a second, it's possible that these people really care about the environment. In the UK, as we approach election time, we have seen Tony Blair and David Cameron attempting to install various alternative energy devices on their homes, with equally disastrous results. Celebrities are falling over each other to get into either a Prius or a Tesla, and even the Pope is doing his part.

This is great, because these people influence others to follow in their footsteps. Now, whether you're leader is the Pope, the Prime Minister or just Leo DiCaprio, you have a good role model.

The latest high-profile green move comes from Pope Benedict XVI. He has a slight problem, in that Vatican City needs more power, but that his country is barely big enough for him and his hat, let alone some more power stations.

The solution is to take one of the newer buildings, the Paul VI hall, which was only opened in 1971, and install solar panels. Luckily, the existing roof is already in need of repair, so the move comes at an opportune time.

Pier Carlo Cuscianna, chief engineer at the Vatican, says that the project will cost £1.7m and "put the Holy See in the forefront of solar energy technology". The appearance of the building won't be altered in the change. :: The Guardian


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