A recipe for making money selling PCs with Open Source Software

Submitted by Charles on Sat, 06/17/2006 - 22:26.

Linux-Watch had an interesting article about an Australian computer reseller that has an approach for doubling their profit margins by selling computers with open source software, and ultimately the Linux operating system to computer users who are accustomed to using Windows.

Read the details here: http://www.linux-watch.com/news/NS6998877341.html

This is cool - I'd partner with someone on this

I'm concerned about helping everyone in NEO move to open source - it is awesome - and helping NEO bridge the digital divide. So everything about this model fits - people here should be out there making money all over open source, from helping corporations at the enterprise level to helping individuals with home systems... all can move open. I'd love to find someone entrepreneurial who will help drive the open source revolution forward with me on the hardware side... I'm focused on poverty issues and social software. Anyone want to be a money maker with open source, and take a lead. The vision must support bridging the digital divide so it must get free computers to those who cannot afford - but for higher end systems there is a business opportunity, and they could fit under the same roof. Anyone interested around here in this - it can start out at the Star Complex as we're already recycling computers and there are lots of parts and such that must go into reuse - money to be made for someone...