The Corbin Collection of Cloisonné Auction

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03/26/2014 - 10:00

 All of the cloisonné, bark pottery and totai pottery are from one family’ collection, from southern California. Terrell & Sue Corbin spent a lifetime learning and buying to amass the pieces offered in the current online auction. As Secretary-Treasurer of the Cloisonné Club of America in the 1970's, Sue loaned many pieces for publication, such as “"Cloisonné and Related Arts"” and “"Cloisonné Extraordinaire," both written by W.F. Alexander. Both book covers feature a piece from this collection.

It's a diverse mix of Japanese and Chinese enamelled arts from several periods. Bidding is going on now at and lots will close for this collection on Saturday March 29th.

Lot 1301 Chinese Enameled Moon Flask with Jadeite Carved Inserts est $1,000-$2,000


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