Case Starts Energy Ambassador/Adopt a Building Program

Submitted by Evelyn Kiefer on Wed, 08/30/2006 - 22:31.

I am very excited! I recently volunteered to become an Energy Ambassador at Case Western Reserve Univeristy, part of the Adopt a Building program. I will be adopting Mather House, the building where I work. Mather House is a  century old Gothic Revival former girls dorm  turned office building -- probably not the most energy efficient on campus. I suspect the most  significant improvements at Mather House will be directly related to changing the residents' behavior. I think I could be a good energy ambassador; I am always turning out lights, I go to great pains to recycle, I hate air conditioning and I walk rather than using the campus shuttle bus. But I am looking for suggestions as to how myself and the other residents of Mather House could really make a difference. Please post your ideas. I would also appreciate links to good energy conservation sites. The Adopt a Building program is just getting started. My first "Ambassador's" meeting will be next Wednesday. I will fill you in with more details late next week.

Case leading the way for NEO environment

This is very cool. I'm glad to see Case leading the charge for smart, ground-up and grass-roots environmentalism in NEO. I'll be interested to learn how well the program grows - will every building get an ambassador and what types of people... what ares of study leadership will step up to be ambassadors.

As a suggestion, you may want to look at Zebra Mussel's posting about the federal government bioproducts procurement standards and suggest the same for Case. It would be better for the environment if all case facilities and stakeholders become as green as possible. And, as a major NEO business, Case could help jump-start the bioproducts industry in NEO by bying bioporducts locally... in fact, Case could help develop bioproducts and buy them internally from their own entrepreneurial start-ups... we need these products to be developed locally.

I think you should also develop metrics of success. If you could show changes in energy consumption, recycling, telecommuting, carpooling, etc., (even smoking cessation, weight control) by building and department, that could lead to some very health competition.

One other suggestion is Case pushing the message to all their stakeholders - be ambassarods for the 10,000s of Case grads spread around the world, as that would have a significant global impact.

Once Case masters some best practices with all this, you can push them throughout the community (governments, other school systems, businesses and homes).

Disrupt IT

Adopt -A- Building

Way cool endeavor.

I read what Norm said.  I also read your link to the program.  Those bullet points are pretty good.  In addition I would just say the emphasis should be on awareness and then tying awareness to action.   I know I couldn't get involved in this in any big way, but if, the walk through was announced and I/gen public was invited I'd maybe show up. 

"Everybody loves a winner" so it might make sense to make folks aware of stats at the start of your tenure and then inform them of changes in your building, other individual bldgs, and then totals over time.  Maybe somebies can do a graph that gets filled in like a pledge thermometer??  If your building is not doing so hot occupants could see other building doing well and feel their building is a part of the movement that has goals and quantifiable, time based objectives.

You might see what other UCI orgs are doing and see if there are any easy dovetails, even if it is just listing A-Dopt Bldg efforts elsewhere or maybe there is a museum or CIA building doing the same thing in your vicinity and yall could meet socially to chat and encourage each other.

Someone could make sure that Chris Ronayne is informed, not necessarily so he can be informed but to sorta advertise/market the effort so that when he is out and about he can tout to your account about UCI without doubt of where it fits in the big pic.  I'm sure the folks who put this together have done that though.


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