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Phoenix Coffee in Cleveland Heights was the hosting location for this afternoon's Meet the Bloggers. Gloria Ferris and George Nemeth, who host MTB,  have invested in recording  microphones and  cassettes which, when deployed in your local coffee shop, create an un-imposing,  yet visually professional, news collecting atmosphere.  

In attendance - besides Gloria, George, Ed and Hunter - were Martha Eakin, Eric Pollock (sp?) Betsey Merkel,  Susan Altschuler, Dennis Coughlin (sp?), and Sudhir Raghupathy, and one or two other persons.   The public walked back and forth through Phoenix as the discussion proceeded.


Beside posting the photo above, I don’t have the time right now to get into the details of the 2 hour discussion.   One thing I learned as an aside is that Henry Ford came up with the idea of his “assembly line” for autos after he visited a hog slaughtering house in Cincinnati (according to Eric -  Ed thought it was a beef slaughterhouse in Chicago).  What is for certain is that the dead animals were hanging on an overhead rolling hook – and that’s what Ford did for his car assembly – slung em up and rolled them along. 


It is refreshing to see two brothers working together – going over to India for a week to consult. 


George had done  background research/reading (prior to today’s interview) on squatters in urban environs – there is the largest squatter's population in Mumbai of any city-   I appreciated George’s outlook on these bottom of the economic ladder citizens.  Ed and Hunter had visited a squatter’s zone of over 400 leather working entrepreneurs.  Rather than bulldozing the squatter’s villages and ousting all the squatters, the Indian economic development model on which Ed and Hunter were consulting has the goal of incorporating these squatter-entrepreneurs into the  internet savvy new business model which Mumbai is seeking.   Cleveland could learn a lesson – think of UCI’s and Cleveland Clinic’s  Disadvantaged Triangle Freeway – there is no plan to leverage any of the existing business in that area –


The coffee grinder and the latte steamer make lots of noise – audio recording is a challenge in an active coffee shop like Phoenix.   MTB is a great civic concept – public interviews which have an adequate degree of  magnitude  to develop a serious atmosphere of investigation and inquiry.  - yet casual enough to encourage comfortable involvement.  Thanks to George and Gloria for advancing the MTB initiative and conducting interesting interviews throughout Cleveland.


I’ll post a few more notes about Ed’s and Hunter’s MTB session as a comment to this post in a few days.  I'm learning it takes a bit of focus to attend meetings and then write accurate and balanced  primary source reports -


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great session

I really enjoyed this perspective from the Brothers Morrison - and I encourage others to give this podcast a listen once available.  I close the session with a question posed to this consulting team for my home country asking about the resolutions and opportunities for a very bureaucratic and infrastructure-plagued city.   I would hope forward thinking opportunities like the ones I'll be presenting over the next few months would be inculcated, incorporated and integrated into any holistic solutions that would drive positive outcomes facilitated by trust, transparency, and tempered egos.

Can we integrate projects like these to drive clean, green, energy efficient, and uplifting outcomes that benefit the entire system and its levels of synergistic success?  I hope so.

on a side note...

Were you there, Jeff?

I don't think I have ever seen the brothers Morrison together. 

I like MTB.  It's the kind of organic journalism that a place with one nonresponsive newspaper  and  the "action" news on TV.

Derek Arnold -

You bring us there

Great posting Jeff. I love the photo and your first thoughts. Sudhir had told me about the MTB and it sounded great - wish I could have been there but you and Sudhir have shared the experience, and I look forward to listening to the podcast on MTB, and reading more insight from those who attended.

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A note about the recording equipment

It's actually a digital audio recorder that uses flash memory to record directly to MP3.