Four Key Ideas to Transform (East) Cleveland and NEO

Submitted by Sudhir Kade on Tue, 03/06/2007 - 21:44.

Looking forward to presenting innovative solutions for the future of development.  I'm so there.  Let's present the following in mind-blowing, art-form fashion:

This is the vision for :  A Sustainable Future - my exhibit to be first presented at Ingenuity Festival this July 19-22.   Don't miss it!  These also happen to be four ideas to spark regional economic evolution.  Here are some key ideas to change the world - starting with East Cleveland and NEO...


1.  Alternative-energy powered , quality-control monitored Aquaponics systems that efficiently and nutritiously feed the underprivileged.  Truly Sustainable Living Machines ..  Tilapia, Organics, Vermicompost fertilizer.  Waste to Food to Waste to Food ... infinitely.

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2.   An elegant ethanol economy that creates multi-pronged product lines ( fuel for all machinery and vehicles converted to run on it,  a clean burning fuel with no evil exhausting emissions   and yes, created from all kinds of bio-based waste .. most intriguingly, Poop to Food.   Cellulose waste , all kinds of new crops to stimulate and vitalize the agrarians.   Lovely landscapes comprised of a mixture of native biofuel sources - a grove of  Weepy Willows decorated with sunflowers, switchgrass, etc.

     Creating new quality jobs for engineers, scientists, and so many more.  Machine conversion to run on ethanol - vehicles, equipment, diggers, etc.  An endless supply of cheap fuel that invigorates (dairy) farmers and so many others.  Stopping sewage stoppage surely and funneling it to functional fuels that flourish.

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3.   Open Source GIS -  bleeding edge mapping of both up top and down under.  Geographic Information Systems that are unparalleled for ease of data manipulation and accessibility, transfer, etc of key data. 

      FOSS = Free Open Source Software = low cost data collection, cultivation, and culimination.   Solving puzzling  or profound problems.  Generating thought leadership that trains, tutors, and teaches the trainees.   ESRI eat your heart out.

      This is the license free, cost-mitigated, collaborative approach to layering relevant datasets - like locations, leverage points, leaks, laggards...  superimpose lead-laden locations with locations of lactating ladies  and you have pertinent possibilities to peruse postulate and ponder.   East Cleveland Evolves!  Community Gardening is better optimized, Lead is analyzed and abated via testing and remediation.


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4.  The Eden II project, depicted in a beautiful graphic design simulation that presents a flythrough of the 'growing coils' that maximize acreage grown year round, underground.   Approximate Acreage at (2 times Pi times radius times length).

     This is essentially a spiral tunnel, growing 360 degrees (3D) on the inner surface of the tunnel tube.    Then depict the entire biosphere (like a Biodome, but a separate ecosphere cultivated Down Under).   End world hunger now.  Grow valuable, tasty, hunger-satiating crops underground, year-round.   Power it all with Geothermal and other sustainable sources of sustainance.   Ease global suffering, hunger, fears.

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East Cleveland is looking for soil analysis for playgrounds

All excellent ideas... and 1, 2 and 3 will happen at some level in East Cleveland, radiating from the Star.

#3 brings to mind a discussion I had today with the awesome Manager of Community Development in East Cleveland, Angela Bennett (CWRU Undergrad, Weatherhead and Law grad) about our project to implement open source GIS with them. As we map green space, she is seeking grant money for playgrounds in East Cleveland and needs soil testing - ASAP. I suggested she work with friends at the Cuyahoga County Department of Health and ACORN, involved in lead remediation, which are chartered to DO GOOD, but if any well-wishers out there have the capability to donate such a service and want to do good please let me know - norm [dot] roulet [at] gmail [dot] com. Several city parks need to be tested for toxins - if you are interested, we can get into the details.

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