Bedford, Ohio--It's a Wonderful Life

Submitted by lmcshane on Sat, 12/08/2007 - 00:34.

In my twenties, I worked for the Cleveland Metroparks and I did not own a car.  I rode the bus places and I walked and walked, or rode my bike.  One of the places I loved to visit was Bedford, Ohio.

Beford, Ohio, is not a suburb of Cleveland.  Bedford has a history all its own much like Berea, Ohio,  and Chagrin Falls, Ohio, other beautiful, little towns. (Actually one of the features these little towns all share are scenic WATERFALLS :)

So, I was happy to see the Cleveland Plain Dealer acknowledge the magic found in walkable, small towns like Bedford, Ohio--the same magic found in historic places like Berea, like Chagrin Falls,  and my current hometown, Brooklyn Centre, Ohio. 

Please visit Bedford, Ohio, this holiday season.  Walk around Bedford, Ohio--and if you work nearby, consider living in Bedford, Ohio.  It truly is a wonderful life.

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Shows what economic development does for a nice city

I just noticed this in "Popular Content Today"...

Other than from your write up here, the picture in my mind of Bedford is "Bedford Auto Mile", which has been pumped into my head from years of advertising of what the economic development world here determined was the value of Bedford...

Formally organized in 1956, the Bedford Automile Dealers Association was established to join the dealers in the Broadway/Rockside Road area into a common voice.

Together, these franchised new car dealers have established as their mission , the promotion of new and used car vehicle sales along with contributing to local charitable organizations. This provides a positive public impact within a community.

With that type of marketing, I have spent my life avoiding Bedford like the plague. I just looked on googlemaps and realized Bedford isn't even near the airport, which is where I associate with "Auto Miles", for some reason.

On the bright side, these automile dealerships probably all pay taxes, and employ local people, and provide value, unlike what is happening in economic development in Cleveland these days, and with MedCon Square.

So... Bedford, which may be a nice place, is forever screwed as the Auto Mile zone. Will Cleveland be the Medical Mart zone, and do you like that image and the people that will attract to your town?

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marketing cleve with medcon mile

A friend sent this to me in an email: "what is this nonsense about putting a medical market on our waterfront....pullleeease..."buy a stent" and walk the board walk along our beautiful Lake Erie, have a coffee and stop in to view the plastic knees..."

I would no sooner chose to visit a place where the big industry (the only industry) is prosthetic retailers. If we have to have it does it have to be downtown? Yech! Does anyone think this is what Burnham had in mind when he made the great plan? I doubt it...

Positively Cleveland's logo will look swell with a bandaid taped across it.

thanks for reminding me I'm not insane

I keep talking to people who are convinced the medcon is good, but not one honest, intelligent person may explain why. To me... "pullleeease"... "Yech" say it all... thanks for sharing this.

I read all the PD stupidity about the great container port of E.55th, which people here seem convinced is good, but not one honest, intelligent person may explain why... I belive you have demonstrated Toledo is a more intelligent place for this, if needed at all.

Sort of like, bombing Iraq is good... which 100,000+ deaths and 1,000,000s of injuries later, not one honest, intelligent person may explain why...?

I can explain why not, in all cases.... MedCon, PortCon, IraqCon... industrial complex bullshit orchestrated by lots of sick old men, who not even medcon may help. FedUpWithCons.

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