Fantasy versus reality

Submitted by lmcshane on Thu, 12/06/2007 - 09:54.

What makes a realNEO candidate   REAL?  Money?  Business support? Life experience? A newspaper endorsement?

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Benchmarking candidates

I'd like to see real data on candidates' positions on specific social issues, like lead poisoning and suing Sherwin Williams, and pollution from Mittal and pursuing superfund money to clean up the Flats. I think that will filter out industry-folks like Cimperman, regardless of his "life experiences" as a perfect Jesuit boyscout (and is that good or bad).  Is his being a local boy and St. Ig and JCU grad good or bad?... perhaps we need someone with more independence and worldliness, and private sector experience.

What must change is how candidates are engaged through information technology. I have been preaching for three years that all the people of NEO need to get on one platform and work together with social computing to really make a difference in the political process. We have not done that yet, as we bitch and moan about how bad the PD is. Well, it is time to take social computing to the next level, in the interest of saving human life on Earth. No political candidate can be allowed to opt-out, but we the people must structure the dialog... and no one portal or enterprise may own that. We can talk about IT and the political process when we have the next Drupal training session, as soon as we can set that up.

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