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Anyone know how the Issue 18 monies will be divvied out??

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my guess

will be that no one dares to touch this hot potato.

Return the completed form by Friday, June 1, 2007

As Susan mentioned, there is info at the County site for this - and a first submissions deadline of next week (I bet many non-ps have been working on this for months). Here's more...

To access the Intent to Apply Form online:

Click here to download a form to return via e-mail attachment or to print out and return via US Mail. 

Click here to fill out and submit the form directly on-line.

Return the completed form by Friday, June 1, 2007.

To return via email attachment, e-mail to info [at] cuyahogaartsandculture [dot] com

To return via US Mail use the following address:

Cuyahoga Arts and Culture

Bulkley Building Suite 407

1501 Euclid Avenue

Cleveland, Ohio 44115

NOTE:  GOS Applications and Guidelines will be posted on the CAC website by the end of May – and will also be e-mailed and mailed to the CAC database.  Be sure to sign up for updates to be included in our database and for updates on the Cuyahoga Arts and Culture website.

The 2007 GOS Grant process will be as follows:  (timeline and dates will be provided soon, please check back)

  1. Grants Workshops
  2. Grants Applications completed and submitted by posted deadline

    If grant applicant organization meets eligibility qualifications, then applicant will move on to Step 3. 

  3. Grants application review by peer panel of arts and culture professionals

If grant applicant organization is recommended for funding by panel review, then applicant moves on to Steps 4-7. 

4.  Grants awards approved and announced by CAC Board of Trustees

5.    Grant contracts completed with CAC.      

6.  Grants awarded

7.    Grants contracts reviewed on an annual basis

Information about grants workshops, application deadlines and timeline will be posted here as soon as they are worked out. Please check back soon.

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art $

try this...
Still planning, already ruled out individual artists.

why a 501(c)(3)?

Why do they stipulate the 501(c)(3) status? It sort of automatically rules out those who are actively out there doing, as opposed to talking about doing.

To limit the field

There are many non-profits that are the ones who passed this bill, and they did it for themselves, and they will now spend the money among themselves - that has been the plan all along. It was never advertisied to benefit artists directly.

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Who passed the arts levy?

The specific arts organizations may want to take credit for passing the levy, but that should not mean "they" get the pie.

How should the funds be distributed?

I'm not disagreeing with you but follow the money. Do you have any ideas for how the arts levy money should be spent? A process for getting it to the best people? I imagine that good ideas would be considered - this is a political hot potato so I'm sure the powers that be would like to have public input...

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Thank you Susan for some insight into the process.  I would like to see the final criteria for awards, once it is finalized.  My fear would be some of the entries already know, or think they know that they are guaranteed for funding.

Just Like FFOEF

You may have seen in the PD today that Fund For Our Economic Future released its next rounds of funds and they continued funding NORTECH, BioEnterprises and JumpStart and added three things... I suspect that is what will happen with the arts money - a large amount will go to established arts organizations like the Orchestra and MoCA and the other half will go to new things or cusp initiatives, for balance and because the selection committee will experiment. Since we need the big, good things and experiments then this split could be okay... we'll see which old things they choose to fund.

Still time to get a proposal in for consideration....

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Best interest

I hope that a measure of community integration will be one of the determining factors.   Organizations that go against the best interests of the community, should not be considered.


Transparency would be nice.  Publish the list of organizations that have submitted requests for Issue 18 funds.  Allow the public to submit letters in support of the agencies that should receive the funds.  Publish first round qualifiers and their written justification for use of Issue 18 funding.  Again, allow public input.  Then award funds.  Demand accountability.

Follow the money

Click here to see how the Issue 18 monies have been divvied out.  The Plain Dealer provided some coverage, but not a real analysis of the process for awarding the funds.  I would like to see the justification.  I can't link to this article, because the online version is gone:

Artists soon will see cigarette tax funds
Plain Dealer, The (Cleveland, OH)
December 5, 2007
Author: Karen Sandstrom; Plain Dealer Reporter

Cuyahoga Arts and Culture may also consider individual grants to artists.  If it is used as an incentive for a major CIA or CIM graduate talent to stay and live within city limits and as a draw for new students to these institutions, then I could see it, but it may prove to be too controversial an idea.  Afterall, who is an artist?

Released today


Here are the project award winners of Issue 18 monies--a fairly representative group.  Do you all agree with how the monies were divvied up? It seems that this is a new group of recipients compared to last year's awardees.  I haven't analyzed it too deeply and I am ready to call it a day, so tell me if I am wrong.

If you missed the listing of fellowship awardees, they are listed here: