Question of the Day? Next City?

Submitted by lmcshane on Sun, 06/29/2008 - 09:56.

The June 8, 2008 NYT Magazine was entitled Next City. 

My question would be--Next City?

A.O. Scott in his essay, Metropolis Now--How yesterday's film sets became today's cities, describes the future as portrayed in films such as Blade Runner and Code 46.  Scott doesn't mention it, but in Blade Runner, the mobile elite have left Planet Earth and live on space colonies, and in Code 46, the mobile elite live in cities with the genetically-inferior living on the outskirts.  We also have the vision of the apocalyptic future predicted by the Planet of the Apes

So, NEO, which scenario is it?

(And, in answer to Joe Frolik's question of the day 6/29/2008:
How is Cleveland doing?--I would posit the question: where do you live, and where do you plan on living a year from now?)


Youngstown's Beautiful Decay

Always worth watching.

Youngstown Moxie II: Synchronicity

Opportunity Corridor

  If you haven't already surmised, I will say it, again, for clarification. I find the Opportunity Corridor proposal to be a savage, greedy, rapacious taking of land and, everyday, I get to see how our resources go to feed the gluttonous rich, much like Jonathon Swift satirized in a Modest Proposal.  While our infrastructure crumbles, we build for the rich and overprivileged, who live with no shame.

Nothing changes.  And, to emphasize the ridiculous human condition, fate introduces me every day to the human lives directly affected by our greedy power structure.  Yesterday, I get to see the crime scene at Metro after one man shoots another over a repossessed vehicle, while simultaneously a high level Metrohealth executive is caught accepting bribes and, today, a woman who stands in the way of the Opportunity Corridor came in to find resources to defend her father's claim to his piece of land. The woman came home from California to take care of her father until he died a broken man, and, like a vulture, the Clinic has waited his family out until they can pay them the lowest possible dollar for the property he owned free and clear.

She is fighting the Clinic and I applaud her.  It is truly David versus Goliath in this city.  I hope she slays the giant.

Have her explain the situation on REALNEO

I'd love to learn some first hand insight about the opportunity corridor... if you see your David again help her set up a realneo account and share her cause and concerns here... I feel completely in the dark about what is happening.

Disrupt IT


See the list of shovel-ready projects.  Yes, you will need a shovel.

This document is insane.  The City of Cleveland throws in the Opportunity Corridor on page 1 for a mere 300,000,000 and then, signal operations for Clifton and Sloane on pg. 12 cost 1,964,000,000?...and the # of jobs created?   This is pure fiction.