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Just want to go on the record for wishing Clevelanders would just start having an attitude.  This is a great liveable city.  Kudos to the Emerging Cleveland website, Jason Therrien/Thundertech and all the creative minds that just do it and get on with it.

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I think we have lots of attitude, and some of us stand up and are very up-beat and that is good. So are, (notice events calendar from 2004), and there are many many more sell cleveland sites and initiatives. More important, at sites like BFD there is major effort for making Cleveland and the world better, and that sells Cleveland in a more functional way - see Converting to Cleveland string here.

BTW, you are certainly in the category of making Cleveland better.

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Sorry--just ranting. 

Sorry--just ranting.  Shouting for attention in Brighton Brooklyn Centre :) I am glad that my neighborhod has the few amenities that make me happy most of the time--problems, yes--on occasion--but overall, very liveable.

That wasn't much of a rant...

Compared to BFD, we're all pretty tame over here. I looked up Brooklyn Centre on nlink and it is a pretty mixed bag - I know parts of the neighborhood but certainly not well... I'll have to go exploring. You think you know the community but there's always so much more to experience.

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captain underpants

I was recently censored for responding to a male blogger's criticism of Steelyard Commons for using the word "underwear."  I learned my lesson.  Remember  ladies to maintain your vulnerability.  Second graders are fond of saying, " I see your underpants."  Well, for women, we live with our vulnerability and exposure everyday.  We see ourselves paraded in bras and panties in every Sunday circular and televised soap and hygiene ads.  But don't remind men of their own vulnerability, especially since most of them still rely on their wives and mothers to buy their own underwear.  Use your secret weapon sparingly.   It will rob a man of his super power, so be careful.  Make sure that it is worth crossing that line--to say, "I see your underpants!"


Imc, might you link us to the Steelyards pc so we can get a better picture of what's underneith all this...Yes, advertisers and product sellers have recognized that women buy dainty clothes and perfume, but on the other hand, advertizers and product sellers have recognized that men buy baseball, Bud and NASCAR...  Between the two,  I think women generally have more to show for their money

Gender hasn't been kicked around much on Realneo...could be the time...


I don't need to expose the censor.  It was such a stupid thing to censor, which only makes me wonder, why the bother?  But, I obviously hit a nerve.  (But the comments are back now :)
I only want to call attention to the fact that we disfranchise women all the time and that it starts early in life--very early in life. 

Boys and girls

  How do we make them grow??? Add water, sunlight, fresh food, music, art...and play.

This story ran last night on Sixty Minutes--the work of .  Pots and pans and a little imagination.

Iraq Corruption, Cancer, Youth Orchestra | April 13, 2008
Steve Kroft follows up with Iraq's anti-corruption judge; Leslie Stahl reports the latest breakthrough in the fight against cancer is of the do-it-yourself variety; and Bob Simon profiles the National Youth Orchestra. Those stories, plus Andy Rooney, on this week's 60 Minutes.