Catching up with new economy superstars, now living in East Cleveland

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sat, 05/20/2006 - 20:45.

While looking for lead testing kits and information in East Cleveland, at Silvermans, I slipped into paparazzi mode as I spotted three future leaders of our NEO new economy, chilling on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. They let me snap their pictures, which will be worth a fortune when these guys are famous. It can happen, when we keep our kids lead free.

East Cleveland Paparazzi

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NORM.  teach me your tech!  and go for it.  fantastic! jeff is this gimp?  This is really spectacular photo journalism...

There aunt called me and wants more photos

Aren't these the coolest guys - they are really handsome and have great personalities - you coldn't cut a better Gap Kids ad than right here (and the disigners could learn about urban style from the source, duh). I gave them my card and told them I'd post the picture on REALNEO and to send me an email - I asked if they could do that and they said yeah - I told them to call Mayor Brewer's office and to let him know I sent them they need new computers - now working on porgrams with East Cleveland is getting fun.

BTW - about five minutes after I left the Silvermans my phone rang and a woman said "do you take pictures" and I asked if this was the mother of one of the guys I photographed and she said the aunt - she asked if she could have some pictures taken and I said I'd be glad to - I need to call her back - it will be nice to have a real photo journal of this wonderful place and her 26,000 people - keep watching and contributing on realneo.


   NORM.  Martha sez I should just admit it...I'm jealous.    That last shot of the three boyz is over the top!  Is it your hair cut?  You have missed your calling.  It isn't the camera...too had to be what you were respects

I love photography - this is NEO Media Lab in action

Since my mom was a professor and dean and the Cleveland Institute of Art I took Saturday and summer photography and design from the youngest age possible until I left for college, Tulane, where I majored in photography. I bought a Nikon F2S at age 12, with money I made cutting grass, and built a darkroom in an abandoned bathroom at my house, so I'm used to spending all day printing experimental stuff - we were just talking about the darkroom impact at the digital photo ISG last week (which has some cool photographers - you should come to these meetings). But I ended up minoring in art and majoring in economics and had to sell my equipment along the way, so I just needed to get my hands on some top quality Nikon equipment again (shooting an excellent D70S - I stonrgly reocmmend this camera) - and since the darkroom is now the computer, I needed a decent laptop with a fast processor and tons of memory (I always have gone with IBM - this one is officially Lenovo but is one of the last with the old Big Blue logo and name), and free manipulation software because I am not going to get locked into any adobe/marcomedia high cost crap - thanks to Charles Burkett and Phillip Williams for turning me on to Gimp.

I was just telling Evelyn this city is aout to see the best photography in it's history, because I am going to kick the bar way up, for what I like to do - and I think that will bring lots of other talented people out to do the same - and we will get all this great content out there in the public domain, in a really useful structure and technology - and context.

Besides me, at REALNEO Charles and Phillip are really into new media, and we are developing the NEO Media Arts Center, so we are making NEO a world center of digitial arts technology and content - and content management - and this will get even richer with video -streaming - just wait.

One thing to note - all FREE - all Open Source - FOSS - FLOSS - beware the man behind the curtain with forked tounge who speaks of Sun and Java but has no Intel or openness - the revolution will not be televised. Peace.

Are they the next billionares?

These handsome boys do look like models. They  have so much attitude and style.  Who better to inspire optimism in East Cleveland! 

Great Stuff!

Norm ,  you've really outdone yourself here.  What a great photocompilation piece.

I am so inspired by the NEO media center vision, of course, as well.  Itching to jump in!  

 I am so ready to help with this work on whatever fronts we can drive it forward.  Open Source GIS meeting #2  will happen by month's end, if possible.   And such great energy from folks that the Gestalt Institute has me so psyched about potential collaborators with educational initiatives.  I will be reconnecting with several Case groups soon and what great news I got recently from Voices and Choices organizer Elizabeth Stoops who has started the ball rolling in facilitating agreement to a joint-venture community conversation between two of the church congregations there.  Next step - we will be setting up an outreach to all the pastors in town.

So much to do!   Again, photos and stories like this are what can be so compelling in generating the support we need from all sectors and walks of life - it  just continues to build.  Great stuff.