Cleveland real estate attractive???

Submitted by Susan Miller on Sun, 09/10/2006 - 20:01.

This article about Hyacinth Lofts from the NYTimes sent to me by my sister who lives in New Hampshire and is jealous of the urbanity of my inner ring suburban walkable neighborhood. I missed it. She caught it.

We need more like this. As New York tries to decide where and what is today's downtown art scene, let them figure out that it is here in Cleveland.


I used to bring artists here from NY and find places for them to stay in the Fairmount Boulevard homes in Cleveland Heights. They would ask about the market value on the homes and then realize that if they sold their lofts in Brooklyn, they could buy a mansion on Fairmount.


Just last night I met two young women who came here to work for Sisters of Charity. One is the proud owner of a home in University Heights, something she said she never would have imagined in her previous haunt -- Washington, DC. The other young woman (both are single) came from St. Louis. They love the vibe, there is plenty of work to be done here for them as a program officer and a public policy director at a foundation that addresses health issues and sustains an urban hospital that serves the indigent. The jobs are great, “owning a home before I'm 30” and the easy free access to the lake at Whiskey Island were the drawing cards for these two; the art is just a huge bonus for them. Go Cleveland.


Also, while checking the weather forecast for New Hampshire in October on today, I saw an interview with "The Bone Lady" Type that into your browser to experience an eyeful of what I believe is termed "the full Cleveland".

Oh and last night I watched the Independent Lens video documentary, If You Only Knew, about Jimmy Scott which features this wildly important local jazz singer who helped to shape the sound stylings of Lionel Hampton, Charles Mingus, Ray Charles, Nancy Wilson and many others. I think the title of the documentary might be an interesting marketing catch phrase for Cleveland for those seeking a livable place to work, raise a family and or make art -- "Cleveland, if you only knew..."


I know there is the downside, the dark side of that -- the pollution, the lead, the stupidity of building roads instead of light rail, the corrupt politicians, but look at the upside.


When I moved here it was, "Cleveland -- you've got to be tough" After working here for a while though in the business of bringing outsider here, “if you only knew” seems more appropriate. The Flavorpill guys would go nuts here with the wacky stuff for them to highlight…


Go Cleveland!

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Lisa Chamberlain showing home town some love

Thanks for posting this. Lisa is from Cleveland and used to be editor-in-chief for the Free Times, before it was corrupted by the Village Voice and saved through litigation and heroic effort. Lisa came to the only Excellence Roundtable I hosted in NYNY, and is very cool. And this article is cool. And NEO developer David Perkowski is very cool... I attended two important arts events this week he helped make possible... the Meet the Bloggers benefit and Robert Banks birthday filmfest. I'm curious how many other good developments in NEO make the NY Times... although I imagine the PD and establishment think making the Times is a bad thing... I know they don't know what Lisa and NY Times readers know. Go David!

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More on Hyacinth Lofts... and being attractive

After you posted this about the NY Times article, it made me realize I had met with David at the Hyacinth Lofts a few months ago to talk about urban redevelopment in NEO and had some good photos, so I got them up here... better late than never. I seriously considered moving to the lofts and/or Tower Press but they are always pretty booked up and he didn't have anything big enough for my family at the time... I highly recommend these spaces to all others.

And, when I came back to Cleveland it was "the comeback city" or some hype like that, when community leaders thought master planned silver bullets like the "Jake" and "Gund" would solve everything... luckily, there are real visionaries like David Perkowski in town who are real about restoring our economy, restoring one dilapidated core inner-city building at a time.

As for "if only you knew"... I know too much I don't like. I like, "Cleveland... be real".

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