dance video of the day - Katrina McPherson and Simon Fildes

Submitted by Susan Miller on Sun, 07/30/2006 - 10:26.

SORRY... This videodance was removed now that the filmmaker's DVD is for sale. Nice for the 130 of you who were able to view it...
here's what the site says "We have now removed thefree quicktime downloads of'Moment' and There's Something You Should Know
Katrina McPherson FIVE VIDEO DANCES featuring Pace, Sense 8, Moment, The Truth, There's Something You Should Know. Price 25.50 GB pounds

This dance video moves toward the idea that we are all dancing. Unlike the 20-something dancer/athletes who merely pump out the kicks and turns, the cast of this video communicates another reality of life as we know it. It is spectacular in it's own way.

Sunday morning: the fans whir pushing the early morning's cool air throughout the house in preparation for midday's hot arrival, cicadas play their long autumnal equinox prelude. Outside the window, the wide leaves of the redbud tree float gently on a slight breeze.

As I listen to today, I consider revisiting Shaker Loops by John Adams. The section called Shaking and Trembling sounds like the industrial whir and click of insect life in a tall grass prairie or a meadow in the afternoon.

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Very powerful dance of the day

Do you have any background info - I'm interested to know about the group and couldn't find any related info at

But it is a very cool site and I did find the following info that is the type of program we should encourage our area universities to develop here...

Courses- June 2006


New Postgraduate opportunity at the internationally respected School of Television and Imaging, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design.

Due to the establishment of groundbreaking reciprocal relationships with Scottish Dance Theatre and the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance. applications are now being sought from appropriate dance or video dance artists and graduates to study on the Electronic Imaging MSc. For further details contact k [dot] mcpherson [at] dundee [dot] ac [dot] uk

link to School of TVI Dundee

This is a terrific opportunity for anyone interested in exploring and developing their practice within a supportive and creative environment and a state of the art facility.

Introduction to MSc Electronic Imaging
The Master of Science in Electronic Imaging Programme brings together art, design and science, through the combinations of research into technology, ideas, culture and creativity. It is predicated upon the idea of producing challenging and creative skilled practitioners.Intellectual exploration of the medium, it’s market and a critical awareness is gained through combined research and production, encouraging a diversity of applications, enabling crossovers between traditional industry boundaries and promoting the investigation of the creative space between different media forms.

The programme embraces the changing cultures and applications of media and communication technologies. It anticipates a universal need for advanced research and production within the broad contexts of Art and Design practice.

The Programme enables students to focus on their individual strengths and creative concerns. It facilitates the development of specific and transferable skills that support the student in the development and conduct of their own individual programme of study. Artists, designers, video makers, animators, media students and others, converge each year to create a dynamic environment in which to work.

Students’ benefit from the Television & Imaging weekly public lecture programme hosted by Dundee Contemporary Arts with invited speakers, lecturers, artists and practitioners from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines.

Disrupt IT

University programs in dance - should Case be added?

Susan - I just noticed this list at UK Videodance and they ask for additions - they do have Oberlin and Case - are there other distinuished program in NEO we should promote?

home link banner
UK University Courses Joint Degrees:

Dance & Video; Dance & Communications Technology; Dance & Film; Dance & Photography; Dance & Internet; Dance & Media; Dance & Television:

De Montfort University
Doncaster College
Southwark College
University College Chichester
Chester College
University of Derby
Manchester Metropolitan University
King Alfred’s Winchester
Roehampton, University of Surrey
University College Northampton
City College Birmingham
University Of Hull
North Tyneside College Dance as a single subject - BA (Hons), HND & post-graduate studies:

Bath University College
Lancaster University
University of Liverpool
City College, Birmingham
City of Bristol College
Coventry University
De Montfort University
King Alfred’s Winchester
University of Leeds
Liverpool University College
Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts
Liverpool John Moores University
Middlesex University
Newcastle College
New College Nottingham
North Tyneside College
University of Northumbria
Oldham College
University of Salford
Wakefield College
University of Wolverhampton
University of Brighton,
University College Chichester, UK
Laban Centre, London
London School of Contemporary Dance
London Studio Centre
Roehampton Institute, University of Surrey
Scottish School of Contemporary Dance, Dundee
Telford College, Edinburgh