dance video of the day - talking

Submitted by Susan Miller on Mon, 03/03/2008 - 08:47.

new art club
the company: New Art Club  the video: 'The Visible Men'

Their tag is "absurdly good dancing" and I agree.

Get ready to have laughter burst forth!

Thanks guys. I needed a guffaw this morning! Ha!

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If you didn't last until the second half... well, I am "still" laughing.

"when she looked at me, she held my gaze... she didn't smile nor did she glare... a look that was without threat or friendliness, a look like you would give a piece of furniture"

Oh my god! That is hysterical!

The movement in juxtaposition with the text is so mundane, yet so brilliantly organized as to poke fun at theater itself.

It is this sort of dance/theater that makes me want to purchase airline tickets to cross the pond just to see a whole evening of this.