dance video of the day Kathy Rose

Submitted by Susan Miller on Tue, 06/12/2007 - 08:27.

You can find lots of video of Kathy Rose on You Tube

Check out some short excepts to warm up for Ingenuity 2007.

Kathy Rose also came to Cleveland on the Dancecleveland (or was it when it was still the Cleveland Modern Dance Association?) series way back in the 1980s 1984 I think. She was stellar!

One can see the clear lineage for Mary Wigman in these clips.

Here are more clips at her website...
Maybe she can come next year for Ingenuity.

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Kathy Rose at Ingeuity

Well, well... Kathy Rose did come to Ingenuity this year. Ask and ye shall receive. I caught her work yesterday afternoon. Good stuff. I'll be making more suggestions in case they might work out for future Ingenuity Fests.

OK, right off, I'd love to see Tongue Smell Color or anything else by Hellmut Gottschild and Brenda Dickson Gottschild. A similar German origin. I think we have to begin to credit those German origins of our "American" modern dance.

Here's an excerpt of what we saw Kathy Rose perform. Probably the most sophistcated dance and tech work on this year's programming though we have to understand that she has been at this for quite a long time.