Attracting foreign investment in NEO

Submitted by Storm Palace on Mon, 11/21/2005 - 13:21.
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Thoughts on wooing foreign investment

I suppose any investment- whatever the source- in NEO would be a good thing.  We've seen foregn investment happen elsewhere in major cities like New York, LA, and Seattle where much of the business property is foreign-owned.  Certainly if business investment is made here in Cleveland this can equate to job creation.  The head of Kyocera (Japan) donated millions to Case Western recently to create a new center for ethics here.  This philanthropic gesture was interesting to see and it will be even more interesting to future business ventures.

Some may prefer domestic investment, but I am all for the infusion of global culture, ideas, etc.  that come with foreign investment.  While working on a consulting project with RTI in Chicago, I was part of a cultural immersion project where I explored Latino neighborhoods with representatives of multinational corporations to explore win-win opportunities.  Similar initiatives could be launched locally to expose foreign investors to economic opportunities here - perhaps in locations of opportunity like East Cleveland.


You read Japanese?

Sudhir, for half a second I thought you posted this comment after reading my Japanese-language blog entry from yesterday. While I was really just testing the capability to post in Japanese, I was writing about the PD article in Saturday or Sunday's business section where I discovered that Japan is the largest foreign investor into the state of Ohio.

So when you posted about Kyocera, I, just for half a second mind you, thought you read my post! ;-)

Where and why did this connection between Case and Kyocera happen? I am absolutely interested in this development. Perhaps if we can determine why it happened we could expand that into a strategy to woo more foreign investment.

Kyocera story - How Case's research attracted a Japanese CEO

Rob, here's the link to the Kycocera story

Inamori was first 'wooed' by cutting edge technology and research being

done in engineering at Case.  A great example of wooing foreign interest!