realneo Seed and Plant Swap

Submitted by Evelyn Kiefer on Mon, 03/29/2010 - 02:19.

Would any Realneo members like to participate in a seed and plant swap? I would be happy to host. Please post your thoughts on possible dates and times. We could also include garden tools and other gardeing related items if people are interested.

I'm in!

 You know I'm in, Evelyn!

We planted our lettuce, spinach chard and peas last weekend. It makes the gloomy rainy weather we're having a win!

With ICEarth Bigbang ready, we can set up the local foods ERP

One purpose of ICEarth Bigbang is to optimize local foods enterprise resource planning (ERP) and lean supply chain management, and that is at the core of what you are talking about here.... you just want the right things to show up at your farm at the right time.

Develop a list of the 100s of products you local farmers need each year, from seeds to straw, when/what frequency you need it, brand/source and from where/whom, and quantities you want to order, and we will automate the vendor manager and supply chain and buy as a coop, and save everyone lots of time, BS and money.

On the revenue side, if anyone intends to produce more of anything than they intend to consume or give away, make lists of what, when you expect them to be available, and quantities, and we can automate the revenue side, as well.

I'll start implementing the necessary applications... it'll take a few weeks to have everything put together, so do things by email for now.

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