A Mother's Day Salute to All Women Who have ever Played A Part in Touching another person's life....

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My mom's spirit never leaves me....with each sunrise and sunset, she is the sun & moon in my life... Reminders of her remain with me in every enchanting laugh I hear from my giggling child, in every Motown song on the radio, and with every crossword puzzle in the daily newspaper I see... Mom's love was so boundless and unconditional and forgiving that I have forever been blessed and know this to the depths of my soul.

I found out I was pregnant the week before Mother's Day 2001. My mother came in from out of town that Mother's Day weekend with spitfire in her blood to accomplish a list of to do's. She was barely in the door before she was sitting at my kitchen table shaking a bottle of hair dye which was one of her regular routines to cover her roots. While I had wanted to wait to tell her about the pregnancy; that bottle of hair dye in her hand sent me through the roof with anxieties. You see, I had gotten on the wonderful internet and learned all kinds of things about how "teratogens" cause birth defects and that bottle was full of them....

I was 26 years old and still in the military. I was working my life away with no time for anything in the middle and I had just returned from overseas. Life was good. This was supposed to be one of those Mother's Day visits where mom and I got to "go out" and have a good time for "Mother's Day" as two adult women. Mom was rearing to go and had smiles on her face that afternoon.

I was pacing and trying to think of how to distract her, stop her, or what to do to prevent her from opening that bottle. So, all of a sudden I said, "STOP! DON'T OPEN THAT BOTTLE..." She looked at me like I was crazy and politely asked "WHY?" with a dumbfounded look on her face... I replied, "um the smell of it gives me migraine headaches and I don't feel like having a headache right now." She said, "You're full of crap..." and went to open it and I had to stop her again by taking the bottle from her and putting it on the table... At this point, she knew something was up... and asked, "What the hell's wrong with you?" and glared at me like I was holding her up from getting out and having fun....

So, I took a walk in the other room, took a deep breath, and thought about how to explain this to her under the gun....I then went in the kitchen, kneeled down in front of her sitting in the chair and asked her..."Mom, if you could have anything under the sun for mother's day, what woud it be?" (You see, She had hit the point in life with me that she thought I was NEVER going to give her grandkids and she had almost lost hope by this stage of life with me on the entire subject matter...) She said, "a grandbaby from you" in a silent but serious tone... with a questionable look in her eyes...and I told her "Yep"....

Do you know she started laughing, saying I was full of crap, and went to open that bottle up anyway? She thought it was a practical joke!!! I had to stop her again and go get the 3 positive pregnancy tests to prove it to her...trust me, I wasn't the one she ever expected grandkids from....when it finally hit her....she cried tears of joy, jumped up out of her seat and picked me up off the floor hugging me! She was the happiest mom in the whole world that moment and I cannot explain it any other way... Somehow, I gave her more that Mother's Day than I could have ever hoped to give her in a lifetime.

From that moment until the day she died in June 2006; she dedicated her life to her grandchildren... She had already been doing that prior to this point, but I really noticed it after that day... Mom was the best. She worked to make my motherhood the best it could be with all she had. While I wanted to do my own things as a mother; like picking out the nursery stuff, buying baby clothes, and so forth---mom was hot on it. By the time my baby was born she had enough stuff to get her into her third year of life without ever having to need anything. When I went into labor it was almost midnight on New Year's day and I called my mom who lived 2 hours away...

By the time I had taken a bath, loaded the car, and worked through the huge snow storm that practically had the highway to the hospital near Kamm's corner at zero visibility, my mom was walking through the doors.... She had just put that lead foot to the floor and practically flew to be by my side during labor.... She and my daughter's father each grabbed my knees as the doctor told me to push...and the looks on their faces were priceless when the doctor cut me for her to come out. (I never felt a thing! Smiles). My mom sat there that day and documented the entire labor and delivery on little papers and little details for my baby's baby book... such a priceless treasure.

For the next four and half years, my mother spoiled my daughter rotten with love, gifts, and Grandma's love. My mom absolutely gave my daughter everything in her soul through those years. My mother made up for any mistakes as a mother to me through my child ten fold and I watched it unfold at every corner. My mother delighted in everything "Grandma" til the day she died. She baked cakes, sung songs, read books, danced, and endearingly loved far beyond words every moment of being a grandma to my child... She had done this for her other grandchildren, but it was so much more personal and amazing to watch her with my own child... I recall Grandma showing up with princess dresses, having tea parties, and talking to my daughter on the phone for hours. If my child wanted to see her grandma, she'd call her and boom, 2 hours later Grandma was pounding on the door...saying, I am here to pick up my granddaughter... It was a treasure to watch, listen, and delight in her amazing happiness with being a grandma to my child. I cannot put it any other way.

My mom and I used to have long talks during her visits. The last week of her life, she spent in  my home. She was going to take my daughter home with her for the summer and I was to join them in 10 days. My daughter found her dead the next morning. Life has forever been changed with her physical absence, but forever touched by her amazing existence.

I don't have enough words to explain what it's like watching your mother share so much of herself in her grandchildren. My mother was supposed to bake a cake with my daughter the day she died. Today, my daughter made a cake for me for mother's day by herself... While her experimental mixture might be inedible, my quiet thoughts of my mother coming out through my daughter make me appreciate her all the more.  

The last few years we have become friends with some amazing ladies by and through REALNEO...We have adopted new family members and enjoyed sharing our life with them... They have made motherhood a lot more blissful in the absence of my mom... and I am forever grateful that God brought them into our world! Thank you so much ladies for all that we share in this world that makes life in Cleveland fun and interesting....(yes, that includes you too, GUY!) Happy Mother's Day to all of the Caring people who "mother" other people at all levels! You are very special too!  

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Endearing Smiles....

A Grandma's love cannot be paralleled. Her wisdom about appreciating the "little moments of life" are far beyond words. My mom loved her grandbabies unconditionally and she totally dove into being a grandma.... Her love was so precious, priceless, and will remain forever.... Her laughter about "kids being kids" was a treasure to watch unfold... I miss her, but she is forever with us.... Her love was so amazing! 

For a moment, I thought if I heard the bedtime story "No more monkeys jumping in the bed..." one more time...that I'd scream....because she read it to my daughter so much and animated it too... Thus my child "jumping in the bed" while grandma read the story seemed to defeat the purpose...But to think about her laughter at those moments where she had uninhibited "fun" with her grandkids while laughing til she almost pee'd her pants...was beyond priceless...


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Happy Birthday Mom....wherever you are in heaven this weekend...

Hey, I know you are really busy...but I know you remain the sun & moon... the heartbeat of much love...and a spirit to be reckoned.... We love & miss you! 

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

A love that cannot be compared....a mother's love missed so much

June 16, 2006

Dear Mommy,

A better friend I could not have found,than in you. A more loyal supporter, I could never have imagined. The world sped by, but you kept up the pace and raced to be there for everyone and every occassion, without thought of your selfless sacrifices. Your love for each of us was immeasurable, boundless, and totally unconditional and we were all so lucky to have had your light in our lives. You made missions impossible happen while everyone stood on the sidelines. You were the driving force of accomplishment to most tasks at hand. You were the midnight phone calls telling me that you "just wanted to make sure that your baby was okay and that you loved me!" regularly. You were the one who never forgot a special occassion, made sure that you had the time to bake cookies and celebrate birthdays when everyone else seemed to be too busy. You were the one who did it all and you were the one who added that special "PHYLLIS" only spark to every minute of the day and event. You did not know how to say, "NO" to anyone.

You gave your soul to everyone you loved... and no matter who did what wrong, you unconditionally forgave them and went back to try to fix them some more... You gave life everything you ever had to give... and you did it with a bright, caring, and considerate heart and smile along the way.
There wasn't enough time at the funeral home to verbalize and encompass all the things you've done to make our lives the best you could...But you were our compass and direction... You were the wind beneath our wings. You were the angel that cuddled and hugged us all with every breath you had. You were the sun in our days and the moon in our nights. You were the spirit that ensured that everyone was ready to get to were they needed to be. You were the constant worrier for everyone but yourself. You were the star of perfection that enabled us all to dream, live, and glow with your vibrance behind us. You were the passion and fire behind every supportive goal we ever helped others out in. You were the one who brought laughter to every moment. You were the one... the one we all depended on to be who we are today. You were our soul,inspiration, and proud backbone to everything...
By the Luck of the Irish, we were blessed to have you all the way, no matter what and through all the good and bad! You were our endearing soldier of life.
Along the way, you've earned more than one purple heart and a few combat medals to which the world should know about. (But most already know- because there were no secrets with you!) You've earned volunteer medals and awards too...But most importantly, you are our HERO for life. You are now the memory and spirit that will be a constant reminder of what we should be doing, how we should do it, and most importantly that we must get 'er done! You led by example, no "to do list" was too long for you to accomplish. Just Do It! With your Princess Reebok Sneakers getting worn thin, you just replaced 'em and kept on going!

Oh, mommy, the world will just have to know that I knew that you loved me more than life itself. But even more so, I knew that you loved each and every other person no less! So, with that said, I am more than honored that you were MY mother and that I genuinely was lucky enough to be with you regularly, talk with you nearly daily, and never miss knowing that you were always going to call to tell me that you just wanted to hear my voice and know that I was okay. Of course those days are still ahead... And I welcome them with open arms just knowing that you are at peace, resting, and more importantly; PARTYING UP IN HEAVEN WITH ALL THE ONES YOU'VE MISSED FOR SO LONG... to include but not be limited to: Paulie, Grandma Lee, Uncle Mark, Uncle Ronnie, Little Ronnie, Beverly Verble, and Norma.... I just know that now that all your work is done here on earth-God is letting you live it up for eternity with all the ones you always missed!

Your presence always brought with it the present of smiles, jubilation, and laughter. Your ATTITUDE was unparalleled, GOOD, BAD OR INDIFFERENT! You said it like it was! You will never be alone and we shall all be lucky to know that you are always gonna be with us in our hearts!

I've known for all too long that your day would come...I just never expected it so soon. Your heart, Angelina is staying so strong and "matter of fact" about your passing...just as you would have expected. She now believes that you are the smiley/HAPPY FACE on the sun. We took her to watch the most beautiful sunset at the lake last night and let her know this. Then this morning when I awoke with sorrowful sobbing tears missing you, She said, "Mommy, don't cry, Look, Grandma is coming up," as she was pointing to the rising sun in the East with the sun beaming through our windows!

You see, your nursery rhymes will remain with your Grandchildren, your special occasion cakes, and deeds of endearment will also remain with them.

I love you more than words can say... But you already knew that...NO BY GONES!

Absolutely, without a doubt---you were and will remain the best ever mother, friend, grandma, aunt, sister, cousin, and family member a person could have had...and you were ours!!!

I love you! You'll be hearing from me more...I hope that everyone expresses their endearments for you openly because you'd of wanted them to! Enjoy your travels mommy!

Always, Dianna Lynn Hill, Your #1 BRAT!!!!! You're Free Now Momma!









Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Remembering Mom...

June 19, 2006

Mother, mother, mother...the things you were in your life...the T'shirts you wore... The things you accomplished...the love you shared...no one could compete with you or keep up with your energy... A barmaid, a mother, a nursing assistant, a soldier's wife, a roofer's wife, a Special Forces wife, a fighter, a card player, a mover and shaker, a nursing assistant, a postal worker, a yard saler, a junker, a flea market owner, a fruit stand owner, an arts & crafts person, a supporter, a friend, a motown gal, a grandmother, a baseball grand-MOTHER, a bail bonds agent, a home maker, a leader, a chauffer, a laborer, a sister-in-law, a daughter, a garbage picker, a PSYOP military readiness volunteer, a proof reader to all our literary moments, an angel, a writer, a gamer, a smoker-you smoked 'em all...you were it all...and still much more... a dreamer, a cook, a farmer, a star... a passionate vibrance of our life... you were our compass...our almighty forgiving mother, wife, and grandmother... you were our truth and our fire... I love you mommy. I just wish that I could hear your voice...telling me some story of someone's problems you were trying to help them fix... you were everyone's mechanic and smiles...I love you mom.


I posted these comments in the weeks after my mother passed to her obituary guest book online....It's been five years.....and still seems like she left us only yesterday! 



Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Thanks to all of my "Surrogate Moms"...

Your consideration brings angelic reminders of my own mom to life! Thanks a million for all your special thoughts! 


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Mother's Day poems longhand

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