757 brayton ave.. the next door criminal gang is doing the carbon monoxide loud noise hate crime aganist me again - i need help

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757 brayton ave.. the next door criminal gang is doing the carbon monoxide loud noise hate crime aganist me again - read the criminal records below from earlier posts-

after i called 911 to report i spoke to sgt. goins, supervisor, of cleveland police dispatch, and he is a hero for telling me to call 664-3939 and get all the incident reports for 757 brayton ave. when i and other neighbors called the police over the years over 100 calls and police coming to 757 brayton ave. and go to the safety directors office and  request a nusiance letter be  sent to 757 brayton ave. and when the police are called to 757 brayton ave. the owners have to pay $100.00 fine each time and if they don't pay - the fine is put on their tax bill -

a nusiance letter was sent to 757 brayton ave a few years ago for  breaking the noise ordinace and other crimes   (as they are doing now) with the large bom box speakers with the hate rapp  in   their home and they stopped it mostly untill lately - in all fairness the mother jean harris has been heard yelling at her sons (see criminal records) to stop the loud noise -

the auto that they park in their drive way license no. erh 3404 chrysler with the illegal bom box speaker in the trunk hidden and also run the carbon monoxide as the  cars exhaust runs on my home side as it    comes in my home - they also have illegal dirt motor cylce 2 and 3  wheel  that    they run in the drive and side walk and street - attempted murder-

jimmy the boy friend of jean parks his red pickup truck in the drive also most of the time license no. ejb-3967 and his exhaust faces their home but he will run his truck  for 15 to 30 minutes and the carbon monoxide comes into my home- 

as you read the post below in july 09 - i have video audio camers that document- as i have documented and reported 757 brayton ave. criminal behavior for years-

eternal thanks for any help that law enforcement elected officials and others can give yogi and me-

yogi and guy


update- 757 brayton ave., criminal family- harris, admire, tichenor , etc - hate crime towards me-yogi and others - (read tip

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Commander Sulzer, Director Garland,

Please note the attached letter of concern from Mr Black. Would you please copy me on your response? Thank you.

Mr Black,
Please keep me informed of the progress in this case.
Joe Cimperman

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Subject: crime alert - i need your help

hi commander (keith) sulzer, councilperson joe cimperman, city prosecutor, colieen reali, county prosecutor, federal prosecutor, and parole and probation officers, and elected officials and dennis kucinich, congress, and the cuyahoga county adult protective service  and the city of cleveland dept. of aging and the american civil liberties union-
need you help- with a high crime family for many years that live next door to me-
 a dodge pick-up truck older - red with white cab cover-
false license plate - dpt 4046 -with 2-08 as the expire date-
is being driven by brian harris, and daniel admire, brothers, of 757 brayton ave., cleveland, ohio 44113 - in tremont, the vehicle is parked
across the street from 757 brayton-
 which is next door to me 753 brayton ave.,
they use these old cars with false plates in crimes and  dump the cars as they are chased by police etc.,
and if you don't know about this address trouble high crime police called many times i have video of many times and great colieen reali, ( i have called colieen and police many times) county prosecutor and police-sheriffs had or may at present have under cover police targeting 757 brayton ave. family - the mother jean harris has a criminal record in lorain county and cuyahoga-
Case History of JEANNIE HARRIS
Case Number Case Status Filing Date Jail / Bail Status
CR-90-248994-ZA CASE CLOSED 02/22/1990 ---
 and her live in boy friend is named jimmy  and  her three sons- brad admire, son spent six years in prison for raping molesting
13-14 old girls in parma, ohio and is on 5 years parole-
Case History of BRAD T ADMIRE
Case Number Case Status Filing Date Jail / Bail Status
CR-01-402340-ZA CASE CLOSED 02/22/2001 ---
CR-01-401254-ZA CASE CLOSED 01/17/2001 ---
CR-99-382254-ZA CASE NO BILL 10/13/1999 ---
and brian harris - is on 3 years post control after  14 months in prison
for drug trafficking and receiving stolen goods and see his other crimes-
Case History of BRIAN J HARRIS
Case Number Case Status Filing Date Jail / Bail Status
CR-08-508987-A CASE CLOSED 03/17/2008 ---
CR-08-506999-C CASE CLOSED 12/18/2007 ---
CR-07-502474-A CASE CLOSED 10/19/2007 ---
CR-05-471550-B CASE CLOSED 09/22/2005 ---
CR-04-453484-A CASE CLOSED 04/28/2004 ---
and daniel admire, spent about  30 days in jail for probation violation for fleeing parma police- and is on another year pobation as of june 09-
Case History of DANIEL A ADMIRE
Case Number Case Status Filing Date Jail / Bail Status
CR-07-504879-A CASE CLOSED 12/17/2007 ---
and elizabeth l. tichenor, daniel admire's live in girl friend that has a criminal record for drug possesion and burglary and aggravated burglary-
Case Number Case Status Filing Date Jail / Bail Status
CR-05-474180-B CASE CLOSED 10/18/2005 ---
CR-05-468696-A CASE CLOSED 06/27/2005 ---


the great police have come to 757 brayton ave., many times for the family fighting amongs them selves with relatives with friends and for loud noise with their bom box hate rap and motor cycles and for using their cars  to have carbon monoxcide in my home as they back in with the exhaust to my home-
and for the last month they have had the bom box hate rap at  5 - 6 - 8 - 10
morning and other times - i have posted on my blog about 757 brayton ave. - http://realneo.us/blogs.questministries-
and filed a complaint with the cuyahoga county adult protective service , requesting that they investigate 757 brayton ave., for harressing and attempted murder of a senior-me - and 757 brayton filed a false abuse report with the senior services stating i was in need of help and i have requested an investigation into that -
and i have notified others locally and around the country-
including elected officials - joe cimperman, city council, etc.,-
i have about 150 or more of criminal incidents towards me and others on video and audio tape and about 300 license numbers-vehicles- that have gone to 757 brayton ave., (which colieen reali, requested i be carefull because i may expose undercover police in 08 ) - so i have held off from going public-but now 757 brayton is starting their criminal harressment again to make me afraid so i will move away or provoke me into criminal behavior so they can say i'm the criminal-
when one or more  of the said sons where in prison the 757 brayton harressment towards me almost stopped but now that all three son are home they have started with a vengance again-
so i have dvds and cds that have all said incidents on - i will seek a "hate crime" and "civil rights violations" arrest - with the federal, state, city, and federal prosecutors and file police reports-
also 757 brayton was growing marijuana plants in their back yard about three years ago and me and the web family on the other side of 757 brayton called the sherrif , cleveland police, etc., and they came and toke about 60 plants and only gave 757 brayton a ticket-
the webb family a mother and two daughters have called the police on 757 brayton many times as have other neighbors-
so you have 757 brayton family disfunctional chemical imbalance addicted to drugs poor nutritional diet  smoker of cigarretts drinkers alcohol and i have two video camers one watching their front yard and my other watching my front yard and i have secret location cameras-
and 757 brayton knows that i'm the primary investigator and citizen that calls the police on them - and they are out to destroy me as i have been told by some good sources and police sources - 757 brayton have attempted to buy off some persons to attack me-
also tremont west development corporation katie hough and others have been pro-active in the past about 757 brayton-
also the great police work of the 2nd district has caught 757 brayton about 50% of the time the police where called and i was told that 757 brayton was sent a " nusiance letter" from the city a few years a go because of all the calls the police where receiving - but the police had to make a police report back then  and 3 or more police reports in 30 days would be a money fine to 757 brayton - now as of january 09 the time is now 60 days - so if we can have the police make reports when they answer a call to 757 brayton 757 will not harress me or others because it will cost them money and if they don't pay the fine it goes on their taxes and if they don't pay their taxes their house gets taken by the county-
one other very important point - some good sources tell me 757 brayton family are being used a "confidential informers" so this is one reason why 757  keeps harressing me because i won't let them do their criminal acts around me and my neighbors and also the law enforcement weather local or federal may not like my politics with speaking  '"truth to power"
and being an advocate for the disadvantaged for 40 years-
eternal thanks,
guy - guy templeton black, yogi, k-9 partner-
753 BRAYTON AVE., CLEVELAND, OHIO 44113-4604 USA, V:216.861.7368, F:216.861.7368
faith based non-profit corporation no. 389646, 501(c)(3), SINCE 1965,
questministry [at] att [dot] net
ADVOCATING FOR A NATIONAL WAR DOGS MEMORIAL http://www.nationalwardogsmonument.org
"When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time they seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall — think of it, always." - Mahatma Gandhi



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A past attack by you against your neighbors caused me harm

Guy you posted about your neighbors with their criminal records and claims against them on realNEO before - and then a troll created an account here to attack your posting and attribute the account to me - they were using your posting to set me up to cause me harm - like the Russo situation you are in the middle of - now you serve them this set-up again - right as I'm launching my work - you always seemt to be puking where I work and I'm sick of it.

You have a rpoblem with your neighbors go deal with them or call the police - you post about them here again I'm calling the police for you.

We still need to investigate the last time you posted about your neighbors... now this...

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And I think this it the type of format we should not allow

As Evelyn said, there is no excuse for allowing anyone to make realNEO look like this - no all cap, all bold oversize font formatting on the homepage unless there is a compelling reason - screaming about neighbors against the world is not a compelling reason

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