Anti Public Health Option Picket at Cleveland Clinic

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Mon, 10/19/2009 - 18:32.
Anti Public Health Option Picket at Cleveland Clinic

This afternoon at about 3:30 picketers began to arrive on Euclid Avenue opposite the Cleveland Clinic rock rowed reflecting pool.   Mostly middle aged and all white, the apparent message I perceived was "No Public Option".  The Cleveland Clinic Police observed from the corners to the left and right - to make sure the public sidewalk remained unobstructed and passable. 

When I got the camera out on the opposite side of Euclid, the American Flag (actually not the regular American Flag on the Left) and other placards seemed to obscure a lot of faces - or they faced the other way.  You can see more picketers in the backgound on Chester.

From what I could tell overhearing the conversation between the Cleveland Clinic Police detail David Easthon and the gentleman (on the right with the high American flag) who seemed to be the organizer, there was no connection between the Cleveland Clinic and those in this picket line.

Why/what do you think is the motivation for these folks to make their posters and take their afternoon to face the public on Euclid in their effort to make sure there is not a public health insurance option?


Anti public health option picketers at Cleveland Clinic 10.19.09 image jeff buster

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