Beautiful Day

Submitted by lmcshane on Sat, 09/12/2009 - 14:44.

I finally convinced my significant other to bicycle down to Rockside and we did it today.  He is not too happy with me now that we are home with our sore backsides, but the experience was worth it.

Thornburg Station was slammed with the towpath crowd at Yours Truly including the Metroparks Director Vern Hartenburg and his wife, enjoying breakfast, and an old classmate, now a pediatrician at Metrohealth with his two young boys.  We were properly chastised by the doctor for not wearing our helmets.

What a beautiful day.

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I always love your photos

Grea pics lmcshane!

Thanks Eternity

  I took a graveyard scene, too, but I am saving that for another post--I though of you, Eternity, as funeral music drifted through the trees and the sweet breeze stirred the leaves--eternal peace. 

Charm me to death ;-)

Interesting that you might mention scenic graveyards, as in the South, graveyards entail so much more than burying the dead.  This can also be said of (Paris) France where they have transformed cemetaries into a pure art form; like Cimitere Pere La Chaise. 

In reference to the South--in Atlanta, we have a cemetary here called the Oakland Cemetary.  It's across the street from the MLK center, and I can promise you the beauty of the place will leave you utterly speechless; rolling hills, massive oak trees and monumental sculptures of every sort.  Let's just put it this way, the cemetary is so beautiful, they have a full staff that gives walking tours and carriage rides. 

But you know, some of the smaller cemetaries can be equally as beautiful, in a more quiet, trancendental way.

Cemetaries get a bad rap.  Though maybe that's because we Westerners are so obsessed with youth, we are ashamed of the reality of death.

Have you heard of Dead Can Dance?