Brooklyn Centre Naturalists Meeting

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Brooklyn Centre Naturalists Community Meeting

Sat Jul 11, 2009   2:30pm – 4:30pm
Cleveland Public Library-Brooklyn Branch 
This month we will be looking at vacant land use and the possibility of obtaining a lot from the Cleveland Land Bank for use as a native plant nursery and garden.

Please join us and share your ideas.

3706 Pearl Rd.
Cleveland OH 44109

While you are in the neighborhood--check out:


Volunteers Needed
for Community Events

For more information about Art House and our unique programs check out our website

Art House has many outreach events coming up this summer. We still need several
volunteers in order to make these events a success for the community. We'd love
your help!

The following events still need volunteers:

Walk+Roll []
Saturday, July 18, from 1-3pm
Assist artist Gabriel Gonzales in helping families to create prints out of found

Neighborhood Connections Summer Celebration  []
Saturday, August 1, from 1-4pm
Help children and parents discover the excitement of stamping and printmaking and
enjoy the atmostphere of Lincoln Park.

Ohio City Market []
Saturday, August 8, 10-4pm
Our Chalk on the Walk event needs volunteers to assist families and artist Melinda
Placko in covering  the Open Air Market with original chalk designs.

Free Community Day and Family Open Studio
Saturday, August 15, from 10:30-4pm
Volunteers have the opportunity to help families experience the food, fun, and creative
activities of this open house event.  Assistance in preparation and set-up, as well
as operations throughout the day are needed.

Family Open Studio
Saturday, September 19, from 12:30-4pm
Help children and parents as they create their own family masterpieces, sure to
be passed down from generation to generation.

you would like to volunteer, or have any questions about how you can
help, call Elizabeth Emery at 216.398.8556 or email her at
eemery [at] arthouseinc [dot] org.  

AND for more ideas check out : and

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Fresh Fork Market and City Living

  A lot of folks think that living in the city means limited access to FRESH stuff.  While, I have yet to tap into the resources from Fresh Fork--I am almost there:

Here's a sampling of their offerings, which are a five minute bike ride away from my house:

I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July.  I’m starting a new format for the weekly emails.  It’s more like a newsletter that gives you all the exciting news you need.
 The season is really starting to pick up and you’ll notice lots of new items on the site.  Below I’ve highlighted some of the new products and producers participating, including:
-          Blueberries from Moreland Fruit Farm (Wooster, OH)
-          “Chicken Tractor” pasture raised chickens from Brunty Farms
-          Raw Milk Havarti Cheese from Mayfield Road Creamery (back from the sold-out list!)
-          Grassfed Beef from Green Vista Farm
Read below to learn more about each of these products. 
You’ll also find the Farm Tour tickets for sale on the web-interface.  It is quickly filling up and we just finished paying for the bus today!  It’s going to be a good time….including time in the pastures of an organic grassfed ranch, lunch at the world famous OARDC research center, and some relaxation at a winery at the end of the day.  Tickets include transportation and lunch…only $25. 
And for entertainment this Friday….be sure to stop by the Fresh Fork neighborhood for Artwalk!  This monthly event draws thousands of visitors to Tremont.  It is Friday, July 10th from 6 PM to 10 PM.  Fresh Fork will be serving local ice cream with homemade raspberry chocolate sauce and black raspberry topping.  Yummy!…. Our neighbors (and almost all the galleries) pour free wine and have sales on their unique gifts and art. 
Oh, and for Artwalk…here’s a parking hint….FREE PARKING FOR 48 CARS BEHIND THE FRESH FORK OFFICE.  755 Starkweather Ave, Cleveland OH.  Bring Friends. 
Wow, so this is turning into a book.  I’ll wrap it up and tell you about some of the featured products:
Blueberries from Moreland Fruit Farm, Moreland, OH:
Summer is here, and so are blueberries!  This week, the blueberries are from Moreland Fruit Farm.  Moreland Fruit Farm was started in 1935 by Dr. Robert Young, a pathologist at the Ohio Experiment Station (now the OARDC), just south of Wooster in Moreland, OH.  This farm specializes in small fruits (strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries) as well as apples.  Their competitive advantage comes from their unique opportunity to pilot innovative “integrated pest management” techniques from the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center only 5 miles north.  This means they control pests by integrating predator pests into the orchards, not harmful chemicals.     
Free Range Cornish Cross Chickens from Brunty Farm, Peninsula, OH
There are 30 chickens are available for purchase and delivery this week.  The chickens are from Brunty Farms.  Jeff Brunty is 20 years old.  He’s younger than the Fresh Fork team.  Jeff has been specializing in poultry since the age of 14 when he first started raising chickens and giving away the eggs to neighbors.  The demand became so great that he decided to start his business in poultry.  Jeff uses 100% organic practices for raising his birds, including chicken, game birds, and turkey.  Jeff’s “bread and butter” products are his pasture raised chickens and the eggs from his laying hens.  All the chickens live in “chicken tractors” and are moved around in their coops to different parts of the farm, 3 times a day.  At those areas, they are allowed to graze on natural insects, grasses, weed seeds, berries, and nuts.  They only receive feed in the early spring and late fall when the fields have been grazed over.  The feed is an all natural grain feed. 
The chickens being offered this week are a Cornish Cross variety.  These birds are noted for their plump breast meat and awkward proportions – meaty!  They are slow raised on pasture and have been walking around for nearly 4 months now…much longer than the usual 6 weeks it takes to raise a bird on traditional feed! 
Grassfed Raw-Milk Havarti from Mayfield Road Creamery, Orwell, OH
The wait is over!  Havarti cheese, from Mayfield Road Creamery is done being aged and is once again available.  This soft and salty cheese has been our best seller all year.  The demand has even got the producer scrambling to make more quick enough. 
Mayfield Road Creamery is a 5th generation family farm in Orwell, OH.  They specialize in “farmstead” raw-milk cheeses.  That means they raise their own cattle (Holsteins), milk their own cattle, and make the cheese right there on the farm.  The milk they use is from pasture raised (free-range, grassfed) animals and is not pasteurized (raw-milk).  It must therefore be aged 60 days before eating. 
Steaks and More from Green Vista Farm, Wooster, OH
Strip steak, sirloin steak, ribeyes, bottom round roast, chuck arm roast, eye of round, and rolled rump roast are now listed from Green Vista Farm.  This certified organic product comes from a 100% grassfed operation just west of Wooster.  Jon Berger has worked for years to perfect his red angus herd and feeds them only the finest grasses.  These animals are rotated daily to new pastures where they naturally select the grasses they want to eat, including clover…which tenderizes the meat. 
These animals are processed and flash frozen at Whitefeather Meats in Creston, OH.  The couple animals we were able to get in last week are moving quickly…so get them while you can! 
Thanks much for reading along on this local food journey.  Please feel free to email or call with any questions. 
PS.  Orders are due before midnight tonight, in order to receive your products on Friday/Saturday at the following locations:
 Hudson Library – 10AM-Noon - 96 Library Street, Hudson, OH
 Beachwood High School – 1PM-3PM - 25100 Fairmount Blvd.
 Gemini Towers (Westlake) – 5PM-7PM – 1991 Crocker Road, Westlake, OH 44145
 Big Creek Elementary (Middleburg Hts.) – 7:30PM-9:30PM - 7247 Big Creek Pkwy
 Tremont Office - 10AM-2PM
Take care.
Brittany Gatto
Sales/Marketing Intern
e: Brittany [at] freshforkmarket [dot] com
p: 800.861.8582 x 3