Community invited to participate in course @ CWRU - providing software to gigabit connectivity on Hessler St.

Submitted by marccanter on Wed, 01/06/2010 - 11:36.

Lev Gonick at CWRU has been working for YEARS to bring fiber optic connectivity to the surrounding neighborhoods around University Circle.  Well his journey is finally paying off!

Starting in May '10 residents of Hessler St. will each receive 1,000 megabit (that's a gigabit for you geeks out there) connectivity into their homes or apartments on Hessler St.  This is part of what Lev calls the 'Beta Block' phase of the "University Circle Innovation Zone".

Corning, Cisco, OneCommunity, UH, the Clinic, MetroHealth and the various police departments are all involved.

Turns out I showed up at the right time - as I'll be teaching a course at CWRU - supporting the Beta Block and providing compelling software experiences to those residents on Hessler St.  Its called IIME 371 or 471.

The professor of note for the course is Gary Wnek, of the TiME department and I'd like to invite any community members who might be interested in helping us "build a digital city" to come and participate in the course!

I'm teaching Tuesday nights 6-9pm at Nord Hall, 410.

Come one - come all.

Kudos and sincerest thanks to George Nemeth and Ed Morrison to convincing me to move here and to Ed's brother Hunter - for the great digs.  And to the spirit of REALNeo!

UPDATE: Susan Miller has asked "when does the course start?" ANSWER: Next Tues Jan. 12th 6-9 pm

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I am all for it...not the exciting Digital Euclid Corridor that was sold to us a few years back...but at this point...I will take anything...ANYTHING.

Thanks for the invite Marc...I'll try to make the Tuesday night class...meanwhile, see you at the pool :)