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One sign that Clevehoga is frozen - all year long - is the vacant Coast Guard Station. 

A spectacular location, a spectacular building.  

But no ideas for re-use, and no effort to stabilize the deterioration.

If I were Mayor Jackson, I would obtain funding (historic, green, stimulus, you name the funds) to renovate the Station as the Mayor's residence.  Ed's work isn't done until this building is active.

Your ideas?



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A proposal on behalf of the Citizens Of Cuyahoga County, in Ed's

Can we submit a proposal on behalf of the Citizens Of Cuyahoga County, in Ed's name, or in the name of the Wendy folks ( restore/rebuild/reuse this wonderful building/site?????


As of last Friday, Ohio officials had received nearly 7,500 proposals for federal stimulus funds, adding up to about $28 million in requests. The state expects to receive about $8 billion. By yesterday, the number of requests had topped 10,000. GreenCityBlueLake has suggestions for greening the stimulus investments. The list (XLS, 8.3 MB) is available at the state's stimulus website ( , and also posted the database.



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