"Of course the business community is behind it"

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Fri, 10/23/2009 - 04:41.

I was quite breathtaken when I scanned the list of contributors to Issue 6 - the NEOCON ploy to restructure Cuyahoga County - published today in the primary communications vehicle for NEOCON 6, the Cleveland Plain Dealer. 

Disgraced, bankrupt National City Bank contributed $30,000 for Issue 6 - in Federal Bail-out funds, must be.

The article reports "The primary authors of Issue 6, County Prosecutor Bill Mason and Parma Heights Mayor Martin Zanotti, lent $5,000 each to the cause."


The Plain Dealer goes on to report: "Zanotti, the chief spokesman for Issue 6, eagerly defended the campaign's donations from businesses".

"Of course the business community is behind it".

And, from reading this PD's latest propaganda for Issue 6, it would seem the NEOCON 6 backers are truly a who's who of toxic, collusive Northeast Ohio Republican business interests destroying everything good about this region.

However, I noticed that the #1 backer of NEOCON 6, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, hasn't been acknowledged for its contributions, and I thought the free world, citizens, the FCC and the FBI may want to investigate why not.

At this stage, the Cleveland Plain Dealer has contributed 1,000s of column inches of propaganda for NEOCON 6.

These tons of Plain Dealer print coverage of NEOCON 6 are above and beyond the tons of alarmist "9/11 - Cuyahoga County in Crisis" NEO-news-spam the PD has splattered across the community for several years, designed for cross promotion with NEOCON 6 campaigning.

As with all things Cleveland Plain Dealer, their print NEO-news-spamming is also spewed electronically, over the Internet, through their Cleveland.com spam site.

All that newspaper and internet spam is worth $1,000,000s... not including direct costs for salaries for Plain Dealer staff creating the spam, like for the "journalist" covering campaign contributions to NEOCON 6 today, Mark Naymik.

It is undeniable the Cleveland Plain Dealer has been spamming for "County Reform" for years, and has invested all their resources and divested themselves entirely of their credibility over this corporate raiding of the county treasury and our trust.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer has invested heavily supporting this cause... well in excess of the highest amount listed among the legally acknowledged contributors to Issue 6 - #1 being Cleveland-fleeing Eaton Corporation, at $50,000 (not including other significant contributions by Eaton executives and associates).

Eaton was just found guilty of "wrongful conduct in violation of antitrust laws that harmed competition".

Their support of NEOCON 6 shows the same untrustworthy character.

National City Bank, which "contributed" $30,000 for Issue 6, has shown the same untrustworthy character.

The Plain Dealer shows the same untrustworthy character.

Everything about NEOCON 6 shows the same untrustworthy character.

Shouldn't the Cleveland Plain Dealer be recognized for their considerable contributions supporting NEOCON 6?

Aren't they required, by law, to do so?

It is quite obvious the Cleveland Plain Dealer is not a charity, public service or good citizen of Northeast Ohio. It should be treated like any other huge, untrustworthy monopoly corporation, and always be subject to a high degree of public, legal and governmental scrutiny and accountability.

FBI and FCC, are you reading this?